Many of our schools have a private Kindergarten program. Our certified teachers plan a day filled with reading, math, science, health, and social studies. Our reading series selection is Scott-Foresman's Reading Street. Our choice of curriculum for phonics is Fundations, which reinforces phonics and incorporates a spelling program. Fundations complements the Reading Street program and meets federal learning standards. The math selection is Addison-Wesley Math Series. A handwriting journal coinciding with the characters of the Starfall® program is also part of every learning day.

Learning Standards

The learning standards checklist for Kindergarten is one of many assessments completed by the Kindergarten teacher. The criteria includes areas of learning such as Approach to Learning, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, Mathematics, Science and Technology, as well as Social Studies, Geography, Arts & Humanities and Health. Teachers observe and document your child's educational accomplishments throughout the school year.

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