Many of our schools have a private Kindergarten program. Our certified teachers plan a day filled with reading, math, science, health, and social studies. Our reading series selection is Scott-Foresman's Reading Street. Our choice of curriculum for phonics is Fundations, which reinforces phonics and incorporates a spelling program. Fundations complements the Reading Street program and meets federal learning standards. The math selection is Addison-Wesley Math Series. The High Scope influence continues in Kindergarten as the Plan, Do Review process is integrated into the daily schedule.

Learning Standards

The learning standards checklist for Kindergarten is one of many assessments completed by the Kindergarten teacher. Our learning standards reflect all elements of the Common Core and integrate all state core standards. Ongoing and continual assessment allows for each child’s academic needs to be met. Teachers are able to scaffold learning when they understand the needs of each child. Learning standards offer a base line for continuing academic growth.

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