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COA Mind and Body Matters

Nurturing Children and Families

As part of our ongoing commitment in nurturing young minds and instilling healthy habits, we offer the most current educational and developmental strategies to the children and families we serve. We call our program Mind and Body Matters. It combines four powerful programs designed to educate young minds, encourage parent-child reading-time and teach the benefits of nutrition and fitness. Working in conjunction, this platform supports the fundamental belief that parents and educators play a crucial role in helping children develop a passion for education and the written word, nutritional eating habits and a healthy respect for physical fitness. Our program is supported with our blog for easy integration into home life.

Four Cornerstones of Mind and Body Matters:

Star Curriculum
We chose The Star curriculum, because it emphasizes teacher-child interaction. It revolves around a carefully designed learning environment and a PLAN, DO, REVIEW process that strengthens initiative and self-reliance in young people. Teachers and students become active partners in shaping the educational experience. Using research-validated strategies, this approach enhances each child's academic as well as social-emotional, physical and creative foundation.

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Just Read
The vision of COA's Just Read Program is that every child learns to read early and well, thereby reaching his or her full potential in school - and life. This program consists of a series of books written by us and illustrated by COA children and are available online. Read MoreOur Just Read program has been initiated to encourage parents to read to their child in the comfort of their own home and is compatible with smart phones, Kindles and the like. With as little as 15 minutes a day, you can be part of an important milestone in your child's life bringing the world around them into the home.

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Our nutrition initiative is jam-packed with healthy,nutritious ideas from our registered dietitian Jaime Windrow.

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Ms. Windrow develops nutritious meal plans for our children, writes a weekly blog for parents and provides nutrition consultations as well as healthy cooking tips and recipes.

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Children at COA exercise their minds everyday. We also make sure they exercise their bodies as well.

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That's because we know physical fitness plays an important part in developing happy, healthy children. It's only when we get all these things right, can we change the trajectory of our children's lives.

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Its All Connected

These four building blocks support our fundamental belief that parents and educators play a crucial role in helping children develop a love of the written word, healthy eating habits and a positive attitude toward physical fitness.

At COA, we feel it is our role, for that matter our duty, to serve as a resource center for parents. That's why everything we do is designed to enrich the day-to-day lives of our families. And because we believe mind and body matters.

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