Parent Resources

Children of America's commitment to our families is to enhance the developmental growth and learning experience of every child in a nurturing daycare environment. We accomplish this by providing high quality programs that foster self-esteem and encourage curiosity within daily diverse learning experiences that maximizes each child's learning potential.

Therefore, at Children of America, we pledge to:

  • Offer your child daily large doses of love, care and understanding in an atmosphere that emphasizes learning through play.
  • Give your child a unique daycare learning experience with opportunities to explore and learn about the world through sensory experiences.
  • Value the uniqueness of your child.
  • Reinforce and complement your child's home and family life.

Our resource center is a repository of articles, online books and downloads that can help support parents in their day-to-day parenting matters. You can search parenting articles, find child-friendly books, or find informative information about your school. Enjoy!

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