Safety & Security

Safety Measures - A Serious Job

Ensuring the safety and security of all the children at COA is top-of-mind for our teachers and administrators. We know this and have taken strict measures to ensure that our infrastructure reflects this philosophy.

We utilize one of the advanced security management software programs on the market today. This starts with our security systems at the door, where parents use a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to gain entry into the building. This records each child's entry into and exit from the building on a daily basis. With this system, our staff is able to monitor who drops off and picks up each child. Children are released ONLY to those individuals who have been listed on enrollment records and who have been confirmed by identification check.

Our building security is bolstered by our Internet-access monitoring system, Always Close By. This web-based service means that you are just a click away from watching your child's daily activities - you're closer than you think, no matter where you are!

From time to time, little ones may tumble. For this reason, we added either a rubberized surface or soft synthetic turf in our outdoor play areas. All perimeter and playground gates are locked and monitored so that children can enjoy outdoor play safely at each of our centers.

We care for life's most precious gifts and we take our job very seriously. See more details on childcare safety and how we do it.

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