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It's the Traveling Bentley Show

Coming to a school near you!

Watch for COA's Traveling Bentley. He's a soft, cuddly version of our real-life mascot, Bentley the dog, that travels from school to school meeting our children and helping them learn about geography and travel. He is delighted to share his adventures, so look for him soon. HE'S COMING!!! Stamp his passport. Write in his journal. Meet Traveling Bentley When He Comes to Your School!

Follow Traveling Bentley's Adventures!

TravelingTraveling Bentley spends weekends with different COA children. They celebrate the event by taking photos of their adventures together. See how the children commemorate their special escapades with Bentley the Traveling Dog.

Bentley in Action

Watch Bentley launch into a new adventure

Fun with Bentley

Printable games, coloring pages, etc...