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The Power of Praise

Our associates fuel our growth and in recognition of their commitment we have created an environment where praise is supported through a variety of programs that fuel their fire.

Five- and 10-Year Service Awards

Certain milestones are honored at COA. At the five-year milestone, associates receive a unique gift and certificate acknowledging their contribution to the company. When the 10-year milestone is reached, associates receive monetary compensation by way of a gift card.

Annual Award Program

Our annual recognition program recognizes our biggest achievers in leadership, big-picture thinking, performance and uncompromising dedication. These honors are celebrated at our yearly summit with a Hollywood-style ceremony where our champions are honored.

Bentley Award:

COA's Highest Honor for Exceptional Leadership & Performance in Educational Childcare

Shining Star:

The brightest STARS are those who shine for the benefit of others

Teacher of
the Year:

Whose dedication is inspiring

School Campus
of the Year:

For outstanding performance, the ability to thrive and for valuing what's possible

Founder Award:

Embodying the spirit of a champion

Performance Incentives

Creating a corporate culture that facilitates productivity and engagement supports our belief that our PEEEPS are at the core of our success. COA has instituted different incentive programs to associates at all levels. Incentives established include center performance, quarterly bonus and longevity programs.

Teacher Recognition

We believe in celebrating our teachers as they are glue that binds our teams together and the shining stars of our programming. Every month we honor a special teacher at each facility and each year we celebrate our teachers with a week of activities and prizes for Teacher Appreciation week, honoring their hard work with keepsakes and lunch on us. Finally, our teachers and school staff select the "Teacher of the Year" where the recipient is celebrated at our annual summit.

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