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COA Career Path

COA Advanced Learning & Growth

COA believes that by creating an environment where growth and development is critical, we create a path to organizational success. Whether it's growth in a current role, within the department or school, COA is committed to helping our associates by offering comprehensive resources that support professional growth.

COA CDA Program/Certification

Through our nationally accredited training partner, COA offers our childcare team a pathway for professional development and certification. Any associate interested in pursuing a CDA (the most widely recognized credential in early childhood education) certification can do so, at no cost, with our CDA Gold Standard program partner.

Campus Coach Program

The secret sauce behind our talent development is our campus coach program. Conducted at the school level, this program engages key talent, drives strong organizational outcomes and reinforces our company culture for better results.

Career & Leadership Mentorship

COA sees its mentoring program as a vehicle to facilitate knowledge sharing and career development. We describe this program as an opportunity to help one another through collaboration, goal achievement and problem-solving.

Subsidized Tuition Reimbursement

Courses must be ECE-related and make progress toward degree or certification. Our generous tuition assistance program can help dreams become a reality.

Professional Development

We designate certain days throughout the year (Columbus Day and Presidents Day) as professional development days. Connect, collaborate and learn with peers from topics that help develop skills in behavior management, classroom management, lesson plans and curriculum.

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