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A Child - Inspired Culture

At COA we know that it is the people that make the difference. Each employee and school is the face of COA. We favor ability over experience and passion over degrees. Our employee's share common goals and visions for what we do yet come from all walks of life and speak many languages reflecting the global audience we serve.

Childcare is in our DNA

Our corporate culture unites and inspires our employees to work hard and focus on the business of teaching. Together, we're dedicated to excellence; to setting a standard other companies only hope to achieve; and to providing the very best in educational childcare for the children and families we serve. Our employees are passionate, engaged and committed individuals born with the desire to serve children.

COA is a culture

It's a special recipe of people, principles, and pride that makes the COA culture rich in diversity and strength. When you join COA, you join an organization that understands the value of our people; one that prides itself on support and cooperation and one that recognizes and appreciates the strengths that each employee brings.