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Designated Learning Areas

COA Classroom

COA classrooms are divided into designated learning areas. Each area offers opportunities for exploration and growth and has been designed to extend learning with numerous and varied materials. Classroom arrangements are inviting and comfortable to specific age groups, and are both indoors and out.

Learning areas are stocked with materials children use to actively explore their environment. For example, in a "block" area, there is all manner of construction taking place - skyscrapers, floating vessels, barnyards. Children are encouraged to draw maps, count the blocks needed for construction and record barnyard noises. In the "art" area, children paint, draw, measure, design, illustrate and dream. The "logic" area finds children putting a floor puzzle together or measuring, graphing or estimating. Over in the "house" area, pretend play revolves around creating a menu for dinner, dressing up to go to work or simply reading a book in a cozy nook. All areas encourage learning through play, while teachers facilitate the process with open-ended questions and total encouragement.

COA City Place

Our teaching methods are designed to capture each child's imagination and stimulate his or her young mind. And since children learn by doing, City Place is the ideal setting for active learning. Each City Place simulates a small city complete with Firehouse, Post Office, Courthouse, Bank and Electronics Store*. Children can role-play as they investigate the jobs and services provided at each entity.

*City Place is not available at every COA location.