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Child Care Tax Credit

We know how busy parents are with balancing parenting and work or just getting through the day-to-day things that come up in all our lives. So we try to make life a little easier by posting information that is both beneficial and helpful in today's stressful environment.

Update Your Enrollment Agreement

If your information has changed for any reason let us know. Currently enrolled families can easily update their enrollment agreement by simply printing out the PDF below and giving it to your center Director/Principal. We will be glad to update your file.

Enrollment Agreement - Click Here

Please be sure to:

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• Use a separate form for each child
• Print the document in full, fill it out and bring it to your Center Director/Principal
• Make sure you personally point out any changes made with your Center Director/Principal

Please note that updates to your Enrollment Agreement will NOT be effective until the Center Director/Principal verifies identification and signs the new Enrollment Agreement. Please save this document in a safe location on your computer for future reference or to make further changes.

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Childcare Tax Credit Information

In today's world, any information that can save us money is worth sharing. Learn about the "Ten Facts about Claiming the Child Tax Credit".

Child Tax Credit Information

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Resources and Links

Detailed information on federal tax credits for parents is available from:

 The Internal Revenue Service
 Call (800) TAX-1040 or (800) 829-1040
 Tax Information for Parents - Click Here
 Child Tax Credit - Click Here

Consult your tax advisor, the IRS, and state revenue officials to confirm your eligibility.

Year-End Statement Information

• Children of America can print out a "Year-End Statement". This statement is intended to provide you with a tool to assist with your income tax return reparation.

• To receive a copy of your Year-End-Statement please speak to your center Director/Principal for details.


Thank you for making Children of America a part of your family and we look forward to serving you for years to come!

Please contact your Center Director with questions or email our Customer Care Dept at All emails will be replied to within 24 hrs Monday through Friday.

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