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Frequently Asked Questions

A family may enroll at any point during the year.

We offer care from the age of 6 weeks old through 12 years.

We offer both part-time and full-time care. Part-time care is defined as anything less than 1-4 hours per day with a minimum of 2 days per week while our full-time care is defined as anything over 5 hours per day also with a minimum of 2 days per week. We offer part-time schedules for all age groups, including infants at all of our locations.

The COA curriculum is an overall approach to learning with the emphasis on Active Learning. Active learning quite simply means children have hands-on experiences with people, objects, events and ideas. Children make choices according to their interests and teachers support these choices. Knowledge is constructed through interactions with the world and the people around them. Children take the first step by making choices and following through on their plans and decisions. Using the Plan, Do, Review structure; teachers offer physical, emotional and academic support in an active environment and use open-ended questions to expand thinking and create an environment that is both exciting and secure. The process focuses on creative problem solving and strong verbal communication.

The evidence becomes clear as we see children problem solve through experiences and use higher-level thought processing such as critical thinking skills. At COA, we believe in respecting the dignity and worth of every individual and value every child as unique.

Yes, COA offers before and after care at all of our schools. Transportation is provided to and from schools only. Please check with school management to determine whether we bus to and from your child(ren)'s school.

Yes, our Camp WOW summer camp program typically runs from June through September, but dates vary from school to school. To find out more information about our summer programs and activities, please schedule a tour or call your local COA.

COA utilizes one of the most advanced security management software programs in the market today. This starts with security systems at the front door, where parents use a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to gain entry to the building. This records each child in or out of the school and identifies the approved individual picking up or dropping off.

Children are only released to those individuals listed on records in the enrollment package and confirmed by an identification check.

ALWAYS CLOSE BY: is an optional resource that COA provides in an effort to connect parents to their children at any given point throughout the day. By subscribing to this service, parents will receive access to our in-house camera system so you never miss a moment. Access is limited to enrolled parents and is room-specific.

PERIMETERS/ PLAYGROUND SAFETY: All perimeter and playground gates are locked and monitored by employees to ensure that children enjoy outdoor play safely. Our outside play areas use a rubberized surface* or soft synthetic turf instead of wood chips, sand or gravel.

While we do provide drop-in care to previously enrolled families and their siblings, COA does not provide this service to families who have not attended our centers in the past.

We do not offer temporary care as we seek to build quality relationships with our families over time.

We are only closed on the 10 major holidays of the year. These include Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Columbus Day, Dr. Martin Luther King Day [3rd Monday of January], President's Day [3rd Monday in February]. Schools may close early on Halloween and on the day before the aforementioned national holidays. Families will be alerted to early school closures by notices posted on the front door and by notices distributed to your child (ren)'s cubby box.

In the event of severe weather and/or natural/man-made disasters, decisions to close a school will be made by following state and local restrictions in your area. Standard tuition fees apply.

On the top right-hand side of our website you will find a link to School Closures/Delays. If there is an alert symbol displayed it means there are emergency closures, if not, all schools are operating regular hours. In the event a school is closed or closing early, a TEXT message will be sent to the family and the COA Website will be updated. Based on the communication, please make arrangements to pick up your child. Children are safely cared for by staff members until every child is picked up. Tuition is not refunded during such closings. Following a closure please check the website for subsequent updates.

We define major competitors as those centers with a national presence that have comparable, quality educational programs and similar facilities. We review each request for a price match individually, but each request is subject to review based on factors such as distance and quality of care.

Yes. COA employs a registered nutritionist that has designed our menu. We provide healthy items for breakfast, lunch, and two snacks per day. Milk is also provided. Please note that COA only provides formula and baby food at select centers. To see a full description of what COA offers, please click here

A registration fee for each child is required at the time of enrollment. An annual registration fee is also billed every September. These fees are standard and non-refundable.

We require the first and last week's tuition payment in order to start at any of our locations. The fee for the last week's tuition will be held as a deposit and applied to your account for the last week of your child(ren)'s enrollment.

Tuition payments can be billed out on a weekly or monthly schedule.

WEEKLY: Weekly tuition is billed every Monday. Tuition is due by close the following day.

MONTHLY: Monthly tuition is billed the first business day of each month. Tuition will be due the following business day.

Any family that has not made a payment by their respective due dates will be locked out and subject to a $20 late fee. In order to regain entry to the center, the outstanding balance must be paid in full.

You may pay bi-weekly as long as you are paying for childcare services not yet rendered. In other words, you must be paying at least two weeks in advance for this arrangement to be acceptable.

COA offers a Family Discount of 10% which will be applied toward your eldest child's tuition.

Families, First Responders & Military are eligible for 10% OFF. Certain restrictions apply. Offer valid for new enrollees only. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Annual registration fee not included. Promo does not carry over to additional programs. Families 2 children or more discount applies to oldest.
A corporate discount may be available depending on your place of employment. Please contact center management to determine eligibility.

COA offers families the opportunity to receive ONE-WEEK FREE tuition toward their oldest enrolled child when they refer a new family to COA. The referral credit will be issued after the referred child has completed their first month of childcare. In order to receive credit, you must complete the required form at your school. VALID ONLY WHEN THE FORM IS DATED WITH THE REFERRED CHILD'S START DATE AND APPROVED BY THE SCHOOL DIRECTOR. Form must be submitted the first day your referral starts or before. This credit program has no monetary value.

Yes. Charges for COA will be determined based on a standard rate. $15 will be charged to your account for 1-15 minutes late, $30 for 16-30 minutes late, etc.

We accept subsidized care at most of our locations but it is best to check with your desired location to confirm.

Families are subject to a 2 week notice policy when withdrawing a child from enrollment at all Children of America locations. This policy requires a formal, written submission of the Two Week Notice drop form, which must be signed by center management to be valid. A copy of this form may be obtained through center management or found in your copy of the COA family guide. If a family does not submit the appropriate documentation for withdrawal by the associated date, the family will be held financially liable for the two weeks even if they are no longer in attendance.

Families earn one (1) week vacation credit after one year of continuous enrollment. One vacation credit is equivalent to ONE FREE WEEK of tuition. Vacation credits will not be issued in hindsight for days or weeks missed, particularly if the family is not yet eligible to receive the one week vacation credit. Please note that students may not attend during this week.

For those families who require an extended absence of 2 weeks or more, we allow for a temporary withdrawal. Families must submit the Two-Week Notice form and leave a deposit in order to secure a spot for their child(ren) when they return. Those who utilize a temporary withdrawal will no longer be eligible for the 1 week vacation credit since they will not meet the criteria of continuous enrollment upon their return.

Families will be charged a registration fee when they return from their temporary withdraw.

The agreed upon rate at the time of enrollment will remain in effect until your child reaches a classroom with a lower associated rate.

As the cost of living increases nationwide, so too does the operational costs associated with each center; therefore, Children of America reserves the right to adjust standard base rates in response to this fluctuation and with respect to the shifts in demand placed on center availability. All enrolled families are subject to these outlined conditions upon enrolling.


Frequently Asked Questions

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