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Clementon, New Jersey - In The Marketplace

Clementon, New Jersey

1236 Chews Landing Rd
Clementon, NJ 08021

Ages: 6 Weeks-12 Years Old
Open: Monday-Friday
Hours: 6:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.

Newsletter - Dear Family


Penny Drive: Throughout the month of February your child's classroom with be hosting a penny drive benefiting a local charity. Each class decorates a container and the children can collect change to donate. Lessons on money, counting, stacking, weight, and measurement can utilize the change being collected. The teachers will keep a running tally of the donations! We than will take the pennies to a bank and request a money order payable to the charity! Parents please remember we do not allow toys to be brought from home into the classrooms. This is to avoid items being lost or stolen. We appreciate your continued cooperation in this matter.



My Five Senses

Hear and See

Smell and Taste

Touch and Feel

Dr. Seuss Week


To help children build independence, allow them to understand a few things on their own and give them opportunities to do tasks and activities without assistance.

This helps build self-confidence and self-esteem and encourages them to do simple tasks without help and be self-reliant.


Letters of the Month: W, V, Y, X Shapes of the Month: Diamond, Heart, Star, Circle Moral of the Month: Independence Colors of the Month: Purple, Red, Pink, White

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