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Hockessin, Delaware - In Hockessin Crossing

Hockessin, Delaware

1127 Valley Rd
Hockessin, DE 19707

Ages: 6 Weeks-12 Years Old
Open: Monday-Friday
Hours: 6:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.

Newsletter - Dear Family

We are very excited about February and all the amazing learning themes/activities we have planned. Just a few reminders all children need a backpack with a zipper to store blanket, sheet and a extra change of clothes. If you have not provided one please do as soon as possible. We will also be collecting pennies this month for our Penny Drive! Please support our drive by collecting pennies and giving them to your child's teacher in a labeled zip lock bag. Lastly, We need reviews for our amazing teachers! If you love your child's teacher tell him or her on COA's Website :-)



8/3 Teacher Choice

8/10 Teacher Choice

8/17 Teacher Choice

8/24 Teacher Choice

8/31 Teacher Choice


Family of the month: JJ & Austin Smallwood Teacher of the Month: Mr. Javier Class of the Month: Toddler A

Upcoming Events

Valentine Celebration

Date : Feb 14

Time : 3:00 pm

Description : Come dress to impress for our Valentines day Dance & Party!


KDI 58: Social Studies- Ecology: Children understand the importance of taking care of their environment Younger children are naturally curious about the world, especially nature. Give your child the opportunity to be hands-on with science enables them to experience and understand the objectives!


Learning About Language and Literacy. Help your STAR collect pebbles. See how ways the pebbles can be sorted (size, color, shape, etc.) Discuss how some are alike and some are different. Provide the opportunity to feel the rocks with his hands or on his cheeks. Use words to help him describe the textures, weight, shape and temperature of what he is feeling!

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