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Fredericksburg/ Lee's Hill, Virginia

Lee's Hill, Virginia

4555 Empire Ct
Fredericksburg, VA 22408

Ages: 6 Weeks-12 Years Old
Open: Monday-Friday
Hours: 5:30 a.m.-7:00 p.m.

Newsletter - Dear Family

Welcome to the month of March! Has it warmed up yet? Is that Spring around the corner? This Winter has been brutal, hasn't it! However, no need to worry, it is always warm and cheery here at Lee's Hill. Last month the children learned so much while having fun. The children discussed winter fun, the color red, what love means to them, and so much more. Are you still figuring out those summer plans? Talk to a member of management to discuss what Camp Wow has in store for your child. Early bird registration has begun!! Spots for summer camp fill up quickly so make sure to grab your spot!



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Congrats to the Love family on being the family of the month!

Upcoming Events

Spring Fling Party

Date : 3/19-3/20

Time : 2:45 pm

Description : Children will have special treats to celebrate the coming of spring!


KDI 58: Social Studies- Ecology: Children understand the importance of taking care of their environment Younger children are naturally curious about the world, especially nature. Give your child the opportunity to be hands-on with science enables them to experience and understand the objectives!


Learning About Language and Literacy. Help your STAR collect pebbles. See how ways the pebbles can be sorted (size, color, shape, etc.) Discuss how some are alike and some are different. Provide the opportunity to feel the rocks with his hands or on his cheeks. Use words to help him describe the textures, weight, shape and temperature of what he is feeling!

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