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North Wales, Pennsylvania - Montgomery Commons S/C

North Wales, Pennsylvania

1200 Welsh Rd
North Wales, PA 19454

Ages: 6 Weeks-12 Years Old
Open: Monday-Friday
Hours: 6:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m.

Newsletter - Dear Family

Thanksgiving is a special time at COA! We will have our Thanksgiving Feast on Thursday, November 21st at 11:15am. This is a time when the children prepare a feast for friends and family! Parent Teacher Conferences - We will have parent/teacher conferences the week of November 25th. You will find sign up sheets on the classroom doors. If you find that the times will not work for you, please let us know and we will make special accomodations. We love the chance to brag about your kiddo's!! Thanksgiving - Our school will be closed on Thursday, November 28th and Friday, November 29th for Thanksgiving.




Be My Valentine

100th Day of School

American Presidents


A special Thank you to all our families for the wonderful Professional Development Day we had on Columbus day!! We learned so much!!

Upcoming Events

Thanksgiving Feast

Date : 11/21/19

Time : 11:30am

Description : Thanksgiving Feast- a time for friends and family!


KDI 38: Mathematics- Patterns: Children identify, describe, copy, complete, and create patterns:

Studies have shown that encouraging a child's understanding of patterns contributes to the development of various kinds of mathematical thinking, including counting and problem solving. Patterns can be found everywhere, but your child may need your help identifying them as such. At the park, lay out a rock, a pine cone, and a twig, and ask your child to continue the pattern. While waiting for food at a restaurant, ask your child to create a pink-pink-blue pattern using sugar substitute packets


Ask a relative or family friend to make a recording of them reading their favorite children's story or telling a favorite story from their childhood. Listen or watch this recording with your child and talk about who recorded the story. Make a personal family picture to share with your child.

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