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Sewell, New Jersey

Sewell, New Jersey

263 Blackwood Barnsboro Rd
Sewell, NJ 08012

Ages: 6 Weeks-12 Years Old
Open: Monday-Friday
Hours: 6:15 a.m.-6:30 p.m.

Newsletter - Dear Family

Believe it or not, summer is right around the corner! With warmer weather approaching, please make sure to update your child's cubby with appropriate clothing. Also, if you would like your child to have sunscreen on during the outside time, please be sure to stop by and see your child's teacher or a member of management and fill out the sunscreen authorization form. We ask that you apply sunscreen in the morning before coming to school, we will re-apply in the afternoon. And as a reminder, you must provide your own sunscreen due to possible allergies and reactions to certain ingredients. In honor of Mother's Day (May 12th) we will be hosting a "Muffin's With My Lady" breakfast in City Place. You and your child are welcome to sit together and have breakfast, which will take place in City Place. Muffins and light refreshments will be available. This is not just for moms, but for any important woman in your child's life. Reminder: the center will be closed in honor of Memorial Day, May 27th. Please make appropriate accommodations - and we can't wait to see you after your nice, long weekend!



In the Ocean/ It’s a Bug’s Life

I love my Mommy!

Rainbows/ Flowering Plants

Ice Cream/ Rain Drops on Roses


Please help me in congratulating Ms. Ashley from Preschool 2B who has been chosen as our May Teacher of the Month. Ashley has been with us since the start of the school year, previously working at a COA in Pennsylvania. She always has fresh ideas and makes sure her class is getting a hands on learning experience.

Upcoming Events

Muffins with My Lady

Date : TBD

Time : 6:30AM - 9AM

Description : Please join us in City Place for a special breakfast with your child.


Bentley books are published six times throughout the year. Children anticipate their opportunity to participate in the process. Bentley, our mascot, helps promote a lifelong love of learning by acting out the authors’ script. Your children are the authors!


Measurement: We measure to figure and compare height, length, and width; area and volume; time; etc. Measurement is expressed in conventional units such as inches and feet, ounces and pounds etc. But children may express height as,” Five bowls high!” SO, measure things! Use a ruler, a hand, a shoe or spoon. But measure! Talk about time!

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