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Building a Solid Foundation

Parent engagement is critical to the development of every child and should extend from the classroom to the kitchen table. Children of America works with parents as partners, giving every child opportunities that can make a difference in his or her life. We encourage parent involvement, particularly as classroom and/or field trip volunteers. We ask for your participation in our bi-annual parent-teacher conferences, during which we share your child's Portfolio of Learning. This portfolio reflects growth over time and measures your child's advancements throughout the school year.

Electronic Daily Reporting

Parents receive a daily report via email with up-to-date information on their child's daily accomplishments, school closings due to weather or any urgent issues that need attending. Nothing keeps parents happy like good communication, with photos, a daily schedule and videos of a happy child. COA prides itself on utilizing the newest in technology to keep our parents informed.

We strive to grow and improve continuously so that we always offer the very best in early childhood education. We are firm believers in open, two-way communication and welcome your feedback, praise and concerns. Think of us as partners in supporting your child's ongoing growth and development. We know how much it means for you to put your trust in us, and we promise to earn that trust every day!


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