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The Challenge In Today's Labor Market

Until recently, a company's most valuable assets were its plan, properties, processes, and equipment. Senior corporate executives could sleep soundly knowing that these assets were locked up securely each night and would be there the next morning.

Today, these executives are keenly aware that their firm's most valuable asset is the brainpower of its employees. Today's tight labor markets, require new approaches to human resource management.

Employees want more from their jobs than just a paycheck. They are seeking challenging work and a sense that what they do matters and makes the world a better place. As a result, an increasing number of businesses have begun to offer their workers programs such as additional education, flextime, compressed work weeks, and childcare.

Did You Know?

  • • 80% of employers report childcare problems cause work-time loss.
  • • Mothers w/children under 6 miss 8.5 days per yr. due to childcare
  • • Fathers w/children under 6 miss an average of 5 days per yr.
  • • Mothers are 4 times more likely to take time off from work for childcare
  • • 1/3 of parents w/children under 6 have daycare that falls apart in 3 months

Benefits to the Employer

  • • Less absenteeism
  • • Higher productivity
  • • Employee loyalty/ lower turnover
  • • Affordability
  • • Improved Recruitment
  • • Reduces maternity leave period
  • • Possible Tax Advantage