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The Solution: COA

With more than 18 years of experience in early childhood education COA knows how to help employers support their working families. Employers turn to outside companies for help because they are not experts in childcare and early childhood education. We are, and working with us allows employers to focus on what they do best.

As your strategic partner, we offer childcare solutions to meet the unique needs of your workforce. Our expertise can help you implement daycare solutions that benefit your workforce helping you maintain a strong talent management strategy.

As your organization considers preschool partners, several questions about experience, curriculum, staff, and other factors may help you decide which strategic partner to select.

Curriculum Checklist

  • • What are the main principles of the curriculum?
  • • Does the philosophy inspire teachers to engage?
  • • Do the centers provide evidence of learning?
  • • Does the center offer additional enrichment programs?

Experience Checklist

  • • Is the partner considered a leader in early education?
  • • Are the programs designed to inspire social, emotional, cognitive growth?
  • • Do the centers have stringent health, safety and security protocols?
  • • Is there a formal check-in/check-out process?

Communication Checklist

  • • Is there multiple channels for communication between the school and families?
  • • Does the partner provide written progress reporting?

Staffing Checklist

  • • Does the partner have a formal recruitment strategy?
  • • Does the partner offer training/career development?
  • • Is all staff required to be certified in First Aid, CPR?