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Performance Assessments

Early Learning At Its Best

Early screening is key to providing an effective literacy program. Each aspect of our curriculum, combined with the assessment initiatives set by diverse state/national parties, guides us when selecting screening tools. At COA, we use the following assessment programs: Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening (PALS), BRIGANCE® Early Childhood Screens, and Early Math Diagnostic (EMDA).

These tools measure your child's knowledge of important emergent literacy fundamentals, such as: name writing, alphabet knowledge, print/word awareness, literacy concepts, developing language and quantitative mathematics concepts. We conduct bi-annual assessments to evaluate our preschoolers' progress. By employing these standards, our children consistently outperform the national standards year after year. Early learning at its best!

Education That Leads To Success

Why has Children of America chosen High Scope COR (Child Observation Record) Advantage for an authentic assessment tool?

The COR Advantage is designed to measure development from Infancy through Kindergarten. The Essential eight content areas of early childhood education are covered: Approaches to Learning; Social and Emotional Development; Physical Development and Health; Language, Literacy, and Communication; Mathematics; Creative Arts; Science and Technology; and Social Studies. Children who are English Language Learners are also assessed in a ninth area.

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How many areas are addresses and scored?

Each content area is addressed across 34 items (plus 2 additional items for English Language Learners).

How are the individual items scored?

Objective Anecdotal Notes are recorded by teachers while observing children in all areas of the room and at various times of day during the daily routine. These notes are compiled over spans of time and recorded into our "How I Shine" Portfolio. Each item is scored using an eight point scale from Level 0 (lowest/youngest) to Level 7 (highest/oldest). Our youngest students' observations are typically in the lower range, as those students are just beginning to develop skills. Children who are in the process of completing Pre-K or are enrolled in Kindergarten will have scores in the highest levels.

What do these scores mean for my child and my family?

The COR Advantage assessment tool creates a reliable, research-based profile of a child's detailed development. These scores assist our teachers in planning and creating meaningful daily lessons. The observations collected on your child, guide the plans to take current skills and reach new heights through scaffolding during unique learning experiences. The reports and content are aligned to State and National Early Learning Standards, including The Common Core. This assessment will be shared with your family formally three times each school year. The Key Developmental Indicators in conjunction with the Cor Advantage/"How I Shine" Portfolios, are indicators observed within the classroom, yet just as easily observed while out in the community and in your own home. Our hope is that these items are utilized as part of our family-school connection and will continue your child's developmental progress.

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