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Selecting the Right Childcare

Finding the right childcare facility is a daunting task, but an important one. Since these are your child's formative years, you want to be certain you make the best childcare choice possible.

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Children of America provides a warm, safe and fun environment that helps your child develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. Our teachers are passionate; our programs are inventive; and our approach is unwavering: Bring the very best childcare experience to every family.

We provide an environment that is an extension of your family's - one that complements your home life and eases the day-to-day stresses you experience. Laying a solid learning foundation and ensuring the safety and security of all the children entrusted to us are the top priorities for our teachers and administrators. We care for your life's most precious gifts, and we take our job seriously.

download pdf questionnaire

download pdf questionnaire

Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Childcare Facility

When selecting a daycare facility, ask the following questions so you can compare and make the best decision for your family.

  • Are there security measures in place?
  • Are the outside gates and perimeters locked?
  • Is there an emergency plan, and is it posted?
  • Does the school contact you in case of emergency?
  • Are hazardous materials locked away?
  • Is there a discipline policy?
  • Do the children seem happy?
  • Do the children seem occupied and engaged?
  • Are the children involved in activities that promote learning?
  • What is the educational philosophy?
  • Is the curriculum academic based?
  • Are there active play opportunities in the curriculum?
  • Are the teachers trained or decreed?
  • Is there a lesson plan?
  • Are the children involved in activities that promote learning?
  • Do staff members seem patient and receptive to the children's needs?
  • Do they appear friendly, and do they interact in a positive manner with children?
  • What is the teacher-to-child ratio?
  • Is there daily communication with parents about their child's progress?
  • Do staff members read to the children?
  • Is the school clean?
  • Are the toys cleaned regularly?
  • Is the infant room clean?
  • Where do children nap, and how do staff members put babies down to sleep?
Daily Reporting
  • Receive electroniic daily reports via email.
  • Report includes nap schedule, meal info and activities throughout the day.
  • Get photos, videos, notes and reminders instantly to your email.

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