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Parent Testimonials 2010

"Dear sir or madam: I would just like to commend the North Wales, PA Children of America. My daughter, Katie, has been at this daycare facility since she was 8 weeks old. She is now 16 months. The center director, Miss Cheryl is absolutely wonderful and has a fabulous open door policy. The whole staff's focus is the kids. I truly feel that the teachers that my daughter has had in the different rooms treat Katie and her friends like they are their kids. Miss Holly, Miss Katie, Miss Cheryl and Miss Diane are a few to name that are wonderful. They work with the parents in making sure that the children are happy and well taken care of. They introduce new fun while teaching the children. Unfortunately we all have to work, but I know that while I am at work, my daughter is having a wonderful time, being taken care of, and learning! I recommend this daycare/school facility all the time. Keep up the good work!! Sincerely"

Carin Chuvala (Katie's Mom) - North Wales, PA - November 2010

"To Whom It May Concern: I wanted to advise you of how pleased My Husband Jeff and I are with your Center in Trappe, Pennsylvania. I have been through two other Daycare Centers in the area and there is no comparison. I am very impressed with Kristin Macaluso, Director and Jenna Pendergrast, Assistant Director. They handle everyone in a professional manner, but also give a very warm feeling. I also would like to acknowledge Miss Alex, whom has worked wonders with my three year old Justin Rohe and Miss Ashley, Miss Julie and all of the Staff for being so wonderful. It is also by far one of the cleanest centers that we attended.


I will recommend them to everyone in the area!!"

Andrea M. Pirelli - Trappe, PA - November 2010

"I wanted to tell you about one of your very special teachers. His name is George and he works in Sicklerville, NJ. My grandson, Jaden, cried every single morning when we dropped him off...that is, until he met George. Now, that is usually the only way I can get him to go to school. On the way, he says, "I want to go see George." Oddly enough, George is not his teacher; however, he is kind and patient enough that I take Jaden into George's classroom and he takes him across the hall. He never cries when George takes him. You have no idea how much that means to me. Often I would leave school with tears in my eyes because it was so heartbreaking that Jaden was so upset when I dropped him off. Now I leave with a smile on my face. George is always so positive and good with Jaden. He is a rare gem. My family and I appreciate him so much. Thank you so much."

Dena Smith and Family - Sicklerville, NJ - November 2010

"Hi Nicole, As you know I am a pretty vocal parent about making sure my child gets what he needs as far as childcare goes. And I have been vocal in the past when things were not going so well. I wanted to share a note about the things that are going so well from a parent perspective. We started Evan in COA in the middle of July. From the middle of July to September, he had 5 different teachers. When we heard that he would be switching again, we were upset. We debated about whether to pull him as this much transition was obviously not good for him. However, we did not want him to have the added stress of switching to a whole new facility. We decided to give it one more "go" and I am so glad that we did. Since Megan and Rebecca have started, we could not be happier for the care that they are providing. Evan has a variety of needs and they have always made themselves accessible to his therapists or to us as his parents for ideas of how to help on a day to day basis. One of the first things that Megan did when she started was to have Evan teach signs to the other students. He loved it and I loved it since this was an easy way to be inclusive and truly to get to know him. Other changes that we have noticed include that the "discipline" or direction that they receive is much more consistent. Therefore, the kids are behaving better as they know what to expect. When the kids do misbehave, it appears that they treat them so patiently and with respect. Another thing that we have enjoyed is the fun activities and art projects that they do every day. Evan always has something to show us and he is so proud of his work. I am not sure if it is the curriculum or their creativity, but it is amazing. Finally, the difference that we see with Evan and his wanting to go to "school" is incredible. During all the transition, he frequently cried or shook his head no the whole way to COA. Now, he talks about school at home and looks forward to it. Occasionally, he still throws a fit, but they are quick and few because he ENJOYS it. I honestly think that the difference has been Megan and Rebecca so I wanted to write this note to share our gratitude. Steve and I are already dreading when he moves to the next class because we like them so much.

They need to be rewarded or appreciated for their hard work so far. Thanks, Megan and Rebecca!"

Kate and Steve Creason - Indianapolis, IN - October 2010

"Erica: I wanted to put in writing how happy we are with Miss Brooke Brady. Since starting at Children of America in May, Olivia has really grown into a little person and we feel Brooke has been a major part in her development.

On your website, COA pledges to four things and I can say that Miss Brooke has covered all four areas.

Offer your child daily large doses of love, care and understanding in an atmosphere that emphasizes learning through play: Olivia adores Miss Brooke, often talking about her at home and it is obvious that Brooke truly cares for all of the children she works with. We see her consoling children when they are upset, giving them an extra rub on the back at naptime and helping them eat their lunches.

Give your child a unique daycare learning experience with opportunities to explore and learn about the world through sensory experiences: We love to see on the daily sheet what the kids did that day and what Brooke observed her doing. We see firsthand the things she is learning at Children of America by what she does at home, like being able to identify bee’s and lady bugs, both which were art projects, singing songs and sitting at a table for meal time.

Value the uniqueness of your child: Given Olivia's food allergies and stomach issues Brooke has been exceptional about keeping a detailed log of what she eats, when she eats it and her bowel movements. She goes the extra step to keep us informed which makes it easy to relay the information to the doctor's.

Reinforce and complement your child's home and family life. Olivia loves books and loves to be read too, when we log on to Always’ Close By we see that every day there is story time something that is a daily part of our routine at home as well.

In addition, Brooke is organized, patient and approachable; all things that we feel are necessary traits in a child care provider. She answers all of our questions and gives us valuable feedback. She is a great asset to your team "

Lisa Paglaiccetti - Warrington, PA - October 2010

"To whom it may concern, Hello! My name is Rina Bellitti-Watson and my daughter is Alexia Watson has been going to Children's Of America in Trappe, Pa for the past 2 years. She is enjoying going to school everyday and she loves her teachers. Last year her teacher was Miss Desiree Piselli and she loved her and enjoyed her class. She was a great teacher and learned alot. This year her teacher is Miss Tara Jones and enjoys her class as well so far. I have registered my youngest daughter Sofia, whom is one year old, as well which she will be starting full time next week, Monday, October 18th. I have been in this location this all week trying to transition my daughter Sofia for next week and I have been sitting in the Front for about 2 hours a day and I been observing. I have to say that you have a GREAT Staff in this location. Your Director, Kristen Macaluso and your Assistant Director Jenn Prendergast are wonderful! They are very pleasant and always there when needed something. I do have to say, they really work very hard and I personally think that they deserve a raise! I do not know how they do it all day long but they do not have a moment to breath. The phone doesn't stop ringing and parents coming and going and with alot of them with questions. They definitely need another hand at this location because it is too busy and sometimes it's difficult to speak with them! Since I am starting my little daughter I would want to make sure that one of the two will be available to speak with if I would have any questions or concerns. I enjoy sending my children to this school and I love your staff. I hope that I have not over-stepped my binderies. Thank you!"

Catarina (Rina) Bellitti - Trappe, PA - October 2010

"Dear Jaime, We just wanted to express our sincere gratitude, thanks and appreciation for Ms. Betty Jo in Preschool 1A. She has exceeded our expectations caring for Katelyn! Katelyn has grown to really like her as her teacher and looks forward to seeing her each morning. For this, we are truly grateful. In fact, we are often told at home that we don't do things as well as Ms. Betty Jo, which makes us both smile...since we know that means that Katelyn enjoys the care she is receiving at daycare.

Ms. Betty Jo listens to our wishes and concerns and tries to incorporate our needs into that care that she offers Katelyn (i.e. potty training, binky only at naptime, playing special attention to her sore bottom on days she has a rash, etc.) We believe this is very valuable and provides consistency in Katelyn care. And we are very happy that our wishes are respected and carried out. We also very much appreciate the mature and calm approach she offers to the children in that classroom. In closing, you have a wonderful asset in Ms. Betty Jo. We wanted to write this letter to document out appreciation and make are that her efforts did not go unnoticed!"

Reggie and Margo Palmer - Winchester, VA - October 2010

"Dear Kylee & Corrie: I wanted to take the time to write to you regarding our experience at Children of America Southampton Center. My girls, Megan and Katie Grady, have been at the center since February of this year. We switched to the center following a bad experience at another daycare. From the very beginning, you have all been very accommodating to us. You have always been there for any questions or issues we may have had. You have always gotten back to us immediately. We have never had any issue with the care our children are receiving. You both have been absolutely wonderful and a pleasure to deal with on a daily basis! I know I cannot name everyone, but just to name the teachers my daughters had- Miss Sue, Miss Amanda, Miss Angel, Miss Katie, Miss Nina, Miss Margarita, Mr. Anthony, as well as many others who have helped out. They are all wonderful, and I have never had a concern with the care of my daughters. When Megan, broke her arm there a few months back, you handled the entire situation great! You were all concerned and helpful! As you know, she is none the worse for wear due to that accident! You took great care of her until I got to the center. I could not ask for a better group of people for out children to spend the day with when they cannot be at home. I know I have told all of you how much I appreciated you, but I wanted to take the time to put it in writing so you can pass this information onto your management. Sincerely, "

Melissa L. Grady - Southampton, PA - September 2010

"My name is Veronica Williams and my son name is Jaylen Williams and he is in Camp WOW. I must say he has enjoyed being at the camp this summer. He comes home and have a story to tell me everyday about his day in camp. He enjoyed going on the different trips and his favorite was going to the see the Pirates and the Aquarium. To this day he still talks about the wonderful things he saw. I have had a wonderful experience with this school so far and have referred parents here. They have came back and told me they are very satisfied with COA. The staff is always pleasent when I am there. When I see the kids when I go to pick up my son they always seem so happy and full of laughter. The directors Nicole and Tori are the sweetest people that you could ever have working there. No matter what is going on if you need to speak with them they will always make time to talk to you about your concerns. There the best at what they do!!! Thank you"

Veronica Williams - Somerset, NJ - August 2010

"Please forward my letter to Ms. Sharon Allen - Regional Director of Prince William Virginia Location - Thank you! Ms. Allen, I am sure you get many complaints about your staff and teachers at your locations. As parents we are, and can be very hard to please at times. However, I wanted to send a message to praise a teacher at one of your locations. My son Grant Ngando has been at your center for several months and was transferred a few months ago to the 2 1/2 year class under the supervision of Ms. Sue. Must apologize I call her what my son calls her, which I know I should as a parent know her last name. I am sure you heard of the saying you don't know a good thing until you no longer have it. Well that was the case when recently Ms. Sue went on vacation for a few weeks. Everyday my son asked about her and my son just gave her the biggest hug. And then when I was getting him settled he told me he was "happy". Ms. Sue has been a great teacher for my son and I notice under her guidance he does much better in his transition to school everyday. She is very friendly, gentle and tries to get the children to understand the consequences of their actions. I am very pleased that she's one of my son's teachers. Thank you for taking the time to read my message. Kind Regards,"

Angel - Prince William, VA - August 2010

"Letter of Commendations -

Dear Children of America Corporate Office: Tomorrow will be a bitter-sweet day, as my two children, Gena and Jack Abrials, will leave Children of America after many years. Our experience with Children of America in Warrenton has been excellent, and I will certainly continue to recommend the Center to others. We have met many wonderful teachers there. I would like to take this time to commend two exceptionally outstanding personnel whom I consider shining stars of the Children of America family.

First, Assistant Director Nicole Pessaint. Ms. Nicole feels like family to us. She and I have had a wonderful working relationship for years and I will always consider her a good friend. Her "no-nonsense" method had been very appreciated and helpful to my children and others. Within that no-nonsense exterior is a kind, caring, thoughtful, understanding, and loving woman who takes pride in her job of helping children and parents. It is truly a joy when I see her in the morning and afternoons: she is a bundle of fun and I have always known that I can count on her to take great care of my children as well as help us with any emergencies or issues that may arise (and she has).

Secondly, Mrs. Kim Baxter, "Miss Kim" is, in my opinion and those of my children, the most loving and adoring teacher at the Center. Her years of experience are evident in her proven child development abilities. Just as important, her smiling, calm, loving demeanor makes all the children want to hug and love her, and she certainly gives the impression that she loves all the children as if they are her own. My son, in fact, adores Miss Kim so much that he chooses repeatedly to remain with her rather than go on trips with the Camp Wow kids. Miss Kim has been like another mother to Jack; not only does he adore her, but she takes the time, even when she's getting into her car on her way home, to talk with me daily about his day and the interesting things he builds. Children of America is truly fortunate to have someone of this caliber in their employ. From this mom's perspective, and her kids', too, she's the best of the best.

Please relay my appreciation to Miss Nicole and Miss Kim, and with a courtesy copy of this e-mail to Lisa Shadyac. Lisa has also been wonderful to my children and me for years and if herself a great asset to Children of America. Thank you,"

Diane Kelley - Warrenton,VA - August 2010

"Dear Clara, I am very grateful that you were able to meet with me and our prospective New Jersey childcare tenant (a hospital user, with employees' children as clients) today. I know your information was extremely helpful - it's always a plus to see the newest technology and concepts in place, to see if the investments are worthwhile. I was extremely happy to see that you had such a full complement of children. However, as I toured with you and saw the interaction between you, your staff and the children, I was not surprised that your facility is enjoying such success. You and your teachers all display a true fondness for the kids and they respond beautifully. Although I believe I was fortunate to be able to stay home to raise my own children, you taught me today that daycare could be a very warm and happy experience. Congratulations on a successful school and thank you again for your time and effort today."

Elizabeth A. Wrigley, Wilmington, DE - August 2010

"Dear Children of America, I am in the hospitality industry and know that positive customer feedback is not as plentiful as the negative. So I felt compelled to send the corporation a note on how happy I am with your school in East Brunswick, New Jersey. Recently I had made a day care change for my 2 children from Princeton, NJ to East Brunswick, NJ. The change was due to keeping the children closer to where we live. We had been in Princeton for 4.5 years and really liked the school. So leaving was bitter sweet. We enrolled in another school in East Brunswick and it was absolutely awful. Within days of realizing that this was not the right fit for my 1 year old and 4 year old, I called the Children of America school in East Brunswick. I spoke with Christina Lasertosa the Director and she was so helpful and energetic on the phone. I scheduled a tour of the facility for the next day. I toured the school with Amy, the Assistant Director. In each room that we went into, the teachers were engaged with the children, the classrooms were beautifully decorated, and the children were happy. I knew immediately that this was the right place for us. I enrolled the children to attend the school on Friday June 25th and they started the following Monday, June 28th.

I cannot say enough about how wonderful your management team is at the school. Christina and Amy are truly caring and engaged. They always have smiles on their faces and the service is just outstanding. The teachers are also special. My son’s classroom has such nurturing teachers. Ms. Kristy is the main teacher and she has a special way of just making you feel good about leaving your child with her. You have a true gem. The other teachers in his room are just as warm and lovely. My daughter is in the JR Camp and have been completely impressed with what they are doing and have to offer. Ms. Daniella is wonderful with the children and even though it is camp time, really feel that my daughter is learning during the summer.

I hope that you will recognize your incredible team. I absolutely will be referring other families to your facility. As someone who is in the customer service business, I know that the team running your operation is the key to the success. Feel comfortable that you certainly have the right people in place. Please forward this email to the regional director that oversees East Brunswick, NJ."

Sara Blivaiss - East Brunswick, NJ - July 2010

"Ms. Shadyac,

I have been intending to write this letter for some time now. My daughter (Jadyn Moore) first began childcare though Children of America in Warrenton in 2008 and after having had multiple bouts with unsatisfactory care it has been a sweet relief to find an organization such as this one! Since my daughter's enrollment for her preschool year she has had a tremendous 'jump-start' into kindergarten (having have already mastered many of the studies geared toward the kindergarten age). And now, I have my son Nehemiah at this same school. He's been attending since he was 6 weeks old and for these past seven months all I have been able to do is brag about his childcare!! Especially considering his young age, I spent quite a while deliberating whether childcare through a daycare center would satisfy me and meet his needs the way that I had hoped and I was quite impressed with the entire Infant-A classroom (the workers, set-up, system and day-to-day management & care were everything that I had hoped for! In the beginning stages, I was obsessed with the camera system and 'double-checking' on Nehemiah's care that I practically spent the entire day watching him. Now, I am so confident with Anita Washington and her fellow worker's (Kathy & Krystina) abilities that I hardly think about the camera system at all! (And I am a PICKY mom!!!) But Children of America has certainly put my mind at ease. I can always count on Brenda Zimmon for any questions, comments and concerns to be handled with the utmost urgency and professional demeanor. As well as Nicole Pessaint, who has been a tremendous in keeping a smile on my face. These two ladies have worked together to make Children of America in Warrenton truly feel like a family-oriented atmosphere! I enjoy bringing my children in and seeing their faces when they recognize the staff members and caretakers. Too often are the email boxes and phone lines tied up with complaints and grievances in corporate America while the excellence and qualities that keep us coming back for more get overlooked or under-appreciated. I just want you to know as well as everyone at the Warrenton, VA Children of America that I am truly thankful and appreciative of all that you have done and continue to do! Please don't change a thing!!! You are the best! Myself, Jadyn & Nehemiah thank you for caring for what's most important- The Future!!! "

Stephanie M. Moore - Midland, VA - May 2010

"Good Afternoon Ladies,

I just wanted to write and let you know how grateful and appreciative I am to have such a good daycare to send my son Toussaint who is in the toddler program. Toussaint has been there since he was 4 months old and now here we are 2 years later and Children of America is now a part of his and our everyday life. Often times as parents, (me being a first time parent) we want the best for our kids. Choosing a daycare for Toussaint was an extremely hard decision that my husband and I had to make as we wanted to make sure Toussaint would be in a good and safe environment and at Children of America I feel this is what he gets, plus so much more.... :)

I would also like to give much gratefulness and appreciation to Mrs. Brenda Zimmerman. She is an awesome Director and I am very pleased to have her at the Warrenton center. Often times I will see Toussaint trying to act up, and I will call (several times) and not once has Mrs. Brenda complained about how many times I call. In return, if there is something I didn't see she makes sure that she gives me a call to make me aware. Mrs. Brenda ALWAYS is going above and beyond not just only for me and my family but for others. As I see her when I walk in the doors at Children of America she is always smiling and greeting everyone, no matter what burden is has on her shoulders. When you walk in the doors at the Children of America in Warrenton she just makes you feel welcomed and as if this is your 2nd home. In which some cases it is for us... If the staff at Children of America do some sort of employee appreciation, would you please see that Mrs. Brenda Zimmerman receives a nomination for all of her good work.

Since Toussaint has moved up from the infant rooms he has learned so much and I would just like to thank all of the staff at Children of America, which is why I have referred at least 6 friends who are still attending the center located in Warrenton and Stephens City. Please keep up the good work!

I hope you will share this with the appropriate members of your staff, because as I said having a daycare where you can drop your child off and have stress free worries is a wonderful feeling. :) Thank you!"

Denise Dunkley-Legette - Stafford, VA - April 2010

"To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Denise Dunkley- Legette; I have a four year old daughter, Tajsa Legette who started Children of America on February 2, 2010. I would like to take this time to inform you of your wonderful, courteous and professional staff at Children of America- Doc Stone Branch in Stafford, VA. Your staff has been very generous to all parents. In the mornings when I arrive at 5:50 a.m., I am always greeted with a warm and caring smile and the facility is always clean and very child friendly. Ms. Queenie Davis is always there with her bright smile and welcomes my daughter with loving open arms. I am very appreciative of Ms. Davis' actions. Her selfless attitude and attention to detail reflects Children of America's dedication to provide a protective, safe and family friendly atmosphere. Furthermore, when I leave the facility, I am completely at peace knowing my little one is safe and is in the very best of care. Your staff has been extremely helpful, and patience with my daughter's transition, and for this I would like to say thank you. There are a couple of individuals who have gone above and beyond, and demonstrated extra kindness, and care to ensure that Tajsa's transition goes smoothly; these individuals are: Ms. Martha Masterson, Ms. Shelby Moore, Ms. Sunbula Ajay, Ms. Karen Reynolds, Ms. Danyele Norwood, Ms. Kristin Abraham, Ms. Krystal Booterbaugh, Ms. Paula Broemson, and Mr. Joseph Henderson. Please accept this letter of gratitude for having a wonderful group that represent the preeminent of childcare services in Virginia. "

Alisha Summers - Fairfax, VA - April 2010

"Dear Melissa,

I'm writing this email to say how happy I am with the daycare in Nyack. I am one of the first parents that signed up for this daycare. The new Director Wendy and the staff are great. They are always nice, they listen and are very helpful. The place is clean, good, organized and I would recommend it to any parent. There was a time, where I found out that the daycare uses aluminum traces to cook the food for children. I asked if they could change it to glass because aluminum is not healthy for the kids. Everything was done quick and with a smile on their face. Thank you for building such a great place."

Kasia - Jan's Kaniuczok Mom - Nyack, NY - April 2010

"Hi Rhonda,

After visiting several day care centers, my husband and I have decided to enroll both of our children at Children of America beginning in September 2010. I will mail in the registration form and $100 deposit this week. Your staff seems very professional, all of the rooms are extremely clean and I think your program will offer the best environment for our children to learn and grow in. "

Melissa Van Wie - Racine, WI - April 2010

"Dear Miss Atlee,

We have been searching for a good school for our children, but somehow we couldn’t find a school that we could trust until we came upon Children of America and Christina Lacertosa. Her knowledge on childcare issues, her sincerity and her sympathy got our attention immediately. It was very obvious to us that Children of America is a professional outfit with a very polished crew. We want to thank Christina and your corporation for the work you are doing "

Erkan & Emine Sayi - April 2010

"Dear Director,

I want to express my pleasure at the North Wales Center on Grandparents Appreciation Day especially in the 2 1/2 year old room. Amber, JoAnne and Kayla are outstanding teachers with a heart felt desire to teach the children. I was impressed with their professionalism in how they cared for, taught and disciplined the children.

I liked the fact that the teachers allowed the children to express themselves in their art project. Too many times in other centers the artwork was orchestrated by the teachers with not enough input from the children. Being allowed to be creative at this age is so important. Thank you for the invitation and the privilege to be included in the care of my Granddaughter - Cailyn Sauer. "

Cheryl A. Sauer - North Wales, PA - March 2010

"Dear Tori,

I just wanted to take the time to express my sincere appreciation for your generous gesture today. When I saw the formula, cereal and puffs for the boys I was very touched that you went to that kind of trouble for our family. As wonderful as that was, what really, really impressed me was the enclosed card. Not only did you take the time to write the card, but your note was very sweet and made me feel that our family is valued by COA. I hope that you know that none of it was necessary but it is that "extra mile" that sets you all apart from other facilities and makes me feel that my children are exactly where they belong. I appreciate you, Nicole and all of your staff very much for not only the care you provide to Alex and Benny, but for the understanding that you take with me as a (sometimes nutty) parent. I know that Matt feels the same.

Matt and I are very happy with the care that the boys have received since they started at COA. We are excited that they are transitioning well to Infant B and are looking forward to them being there for the next few years. I know there will be bumps along the way, but please know how much I appreciate your willingness to listen to our concerns and to accommodate us as much as you possible can.

I hope that you will share this email with Nicole as well as your regional manager. You all deserve the recognition for the work that you do and for the love that you give!

Thank you a million times over,"

Stacey Zimmerman - Somerset, NJ - March 2010

"Dear Children of America,

Two years ago we made the decision to change day care centers for our son, Brendan. We looked at several different day care centers before finally coming to the Children of America in Stephens City. Our first introduction was absolutely phenomenal and we knew that our choice had been made. Ever since then my wife and I have both noticed how happy Brendan is growing up and learning social skills. We have been consistently treated like family instead of just parents. I think the biggest compliment any parent can say for any day care center is how contented, confident and trusting in the staff they really are. I feel that trust every time I walk through the doors to either drop my son off or pick him up. He just seems happy to be there and that means the world to both of us.

Thank you again for all that you do for Brendan. We do know just how lucky we are to have Children of America. It definitely gives us peace of mind when thinking about Brendan and what his days are filled with. That makes us very happy. Thank you again."

David & Melinda Albritton - Stephens City, VA - March 2010

"Dear Mrs. Livesay; Our family would like to express our deepest gratitude for your hard work at the center. As continued Patrons, we observed the administrative challenges that you inherited and admire your commitment. Under your administration, the center is more sanitary, the staff is more pleasant and responsive to the parents, and the curriculum appears to be well coordinated. Thank you for maintaining the professional services that we expect for our children. In addition, we would like to thank your staff for their continued dedication, especially Mrs. Lena and Ms. Keeta. The nurturing environment that they both offer makes the center enjoyable to my children. Hopefully, each instructor is proud of their successes. Again, we are thankful for you and all the staff at the Bluemont Center and look forward to another year with you."

Kimberly S. Craig - Fredericksburg, VA - March 2010

"Dear Children of America,

Joseph Salembier, who is currently a student in the Infant C Room, at the Sterling location, will be leaving the center. Josep's father, who is active duty, has received orders for his next tour, and our family will be moving to St. Louis, Missouri. We would like to bring to your attention that during Joseph's twelve months at Children of America, we have grown very fond of several staff members and teacher. In particular, we would like to recognize Ms. Azam, Ms. Keni and Ms. Eda, all of whom have treated Joseph with nothing but complete care, sensitivity, and most of all love. We thank each and every one of the teachers and staff members who have made an impact on Joseph's life and have made an impact in our hearts. With best wishes"

Samantha and Robert Salembier - Sterling, VA - March 2010

"To Children of America,

I have just entered my son Colin Hauck into your Infant A room. I am very pleased with the center so far. The staff has been incredibly nice and helpful. I have no anxiety about leaving my son which in turn makes it easier for me to go to work with peace of mind. Even though I have only been with the center for 1 week it is leaps and bounds better than the previous center we were attending. You have thought of everything, from required tummy time to allowing parents to view their children anytime during the day. As a first time mom I have to say that I am very impressed with the care and attention each child receives. With smaller groups the children seem to be happy and well taken care of. Thank you, "

Lisa Hauck - Fredericksburg, VA - February 2010

"Dear Ms. Buckman,

I am writing to commend you on your East Brunswick, New Jersey center. I toured many child care facilities when looking for a placement for my son, and found none that even came close to the caliber of your school. In fact, after touring five other centers, your was the only one I considered an appropriate placement for my child. The professionalism of your staff, cleanliness of the center, and the curriculum, even for the youngest students, won me over immediately. Not for one moment have I regretted my decision to enroll my child in your program. As much as I am pleased with all your aspects of your center, I do have more specific reason for writing.

As you know Johanna McBride is the director of your East Brunswick location. What you might not know, is that despite her complete professionalism at all times, she somehow manages to make her school feel like a second home for her students and their parents. Every day when I walk in the door, I know I'll be greeted with a smile, and inquiry as to how my day was, and if I have time to linger, a conversation that feels as if it were between two old friends. Johanna is warm, kind, ad makes me feel like I am bringing my child into a place where he will be cared for by people who actually CARE about him, and see him as an individual, not just a number or a quota to fill.

In fact, every staff member in the building knows my son by name and happily greets him whenever they see him in the hall. And in the classroom, his teachers, Kristy Szwartz and Tami Browne, greet him every day and hugs and love. They worry about him when he's sick, cheer for him when he reaches a new milestone, and when they are with him, I know that my son is absolutely in good hands. The feeling of "family" at Johanna's school is something I never expected when enrolling my son in your program, but it is what will keep him there for years to come."

Dana Krall - East Brunswick, NJ - February 2010


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