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Parent Testimonials 2011

After visiting several day care centers, my husband and I have decided to enroll both of our children at Children of America beginning in January 2012. We were so impressed with your professional staff, beautiful school (all of the rooms are extremely clean) and I think your program will offer the best environment for our children to learn and grow in.

Suzanne Petrie - Appleton, WI - December 2011

I wanted to take a minute to tell you about the wonderful staff at your Trappe, PA location. My daughter attends the before and after school program at that branch and I could not be more happy! My daughter is allergic to Chocolate and accidentally ate some at her school (due to the school not following procedures). She was put onto the Children of America Bus and was sent home by the school. I just want to let you know that your staff handled the situation with such professionalism. They kept my daughter calm and gave her the medicine that she needed to help the reaction stop. I can not begin to tell you how aware they are of each of the child and their needs! Currently my daughter does not feel safe at her school but does feel safe at COA and I can't tell you how much that means to both her and I. Just knowing that she is in a safe environment is the best thing for a parent. I want to thank them for all that they do! They all should be commended.

Tina Hoak - Trappe, PA - November 2011

As I have mentioned several times, I really appreciate the understanding that Nicole and Tori have shown in terms of the various family circumstances I have discussed with the both of them and how much is catered to me. I have really been impressed in the care that has been exhibited towards my two boys (in the Toddler and Two's room), especially in comparison to where they previously attended. The teachers seem to show great interest in their well being/safety and just as importantly to me their learning. I have seen great strides in their vocabulary and ability to carry conversations in only their 4 months of attending the center.

Please continue to keep up the good work!

Yaa Ericson - Somerset, NJ - September 2011

I just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful work you do with caring for my son. I adore the kindness of all the employees and teachers there. My favorite thing is coming in each morning and they know my son by name. I can't say how thankful and appreciative I am of the Director Mary and her coworker Ms. White. You all are the best in what you do. You made a mother who was so afraid in leaving her son for the FIRST TIME at a daycare, feel comforted and safe with her selection.

Also, my son couldn't have gotten a better teacher than Ms. T, oh my goodness, she is so caring, thoughtful, and motherly like is just AWESOME! I love that he can interact with kids his own age and learn new things each day rather than just sitting in a home with family not learning things. I thank God every day for the blessing of finding all of you.

Jen Woodyard - Stafford, VA - September 2011

I am the grandmother of Mykola. At the request of his mother and with the permission of Children Of America I met his group on two of his recent field trips. The first one was at Christiana Skating Center and the second was at Brandywine Zoo. On both trips I was impressed with the teachers that accompanied the class, Crystal and Shawnice. Both teachers helped the children skate and watched over them with great attention. At the zoo the children remained with their group, listened when the teachers were talking, and were extremely well behaved. It was evident that the children knew the expectations of the teachers and respected them. If slight redirection was needed it was done by the teacher in a quiet and respectful manner. You should be proud of such top notch teachers.

Linda Hughes - Hockessin, DE - August 2011

We are writing to express our gratitude for the extra time and attention you've afforded our son Zaid this year. We are pleased with all the efforts you have taken to ensure Zaid has a successful academic year in preparation for Kindergarten. From day to day, Zaid has enjoyed and looked forward to another day in pre-schoo1 with Ms. Tameco.

As we continue to prepare for the big day, first day of Kindergarten, we have seen improvement in Zaid's overall pre-school experience. We have also noticed a change in his social skills along with counting, ability to recognize letters and sounds. His Kindergarten assessment was a success. Thanks to your hard work.

The assessor was very pleased with his basic knowledge skill set. She concluded with expressing to me that Zaid's scores were above the expected during his assessment performance. He is ready for Kindergarten. With your dedication and instruction, he has an entire different approach to learning. He is more enthusiastic to learn and shares with us everyday what; "Ms. Tameco said."

I thank you again for all the wonderful work Ms. Tameco has done. We are very impressed with Ms. Tameco's teaching ability, as well as with the amount of care and attention she's given Zaid. He is very lucky to be her student this year.

Natasha Boddie - Manassas, VA - July 2011

Hi! My name is Tiffany and I wanted to share with everyone how amazing MY "Mrs. Jen is!!

On July 18, 2011 my daughter Aaliyah who attends Stony Point COA went on a trip with the camp. My daughter passed out from heat exhaustion. The counselors that were with her group reacted quickly and efficiently. Mrs. Jen was also there with her family. She LEFT HER FAMILY!! To sit with my daughter in the hospital till I was able to get there. And she stayed until right before Aaliyah was released to make sure she was okay.

I have NEVER met anyone like her or Mrs. Carol or Ms. Megan or any of the people who work with my children closely. I couldn't imagine my life without any of them. It's more than just a daycare or a camp, it's a family and there is so much love and closeness between everyone in the building. I am rambling on now :). I just wanted to let everyone in the hire up positions know that I love COA and so do my children. I really don't know what else to say except hold on to EVERYONE in that place and they should be used as "THE PERFECT COA!" That's what they are! Perfect! Thanks again for bringing Mrs. Jen into my life! Enjoy!!!!!

Tiffany - Stony Point, NY - July 2011

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how pleased my husband and I are with Children of America! We are so happy that we chose to switch our daughter from her previous daycare provider to your daycare center. She is just thriving! She adjusted very quickly and loves it there. She looks forward to going every day and is never ready to leave. It's great to have such a secure feeling when you are leaving your child in someone else's care--especially when they are so young. We can go to work and never have to wonder how she is doing which is great. Camp WOW has also been excellent. I am really happy with the variety and for all of the things that you guys have planned for the children.

I would like to mention that the staff has been wonderful. Everyone is approachable and willing to assist or answer any question or concern a parent may have. I also appreciate the availability of Nicole as well as Tori. I feel confident that no matter what issue may arise you are both more than willing to do whatever is needed to make sure that the parents & children enrolled have all that they need to have the best experience possible.

Every opportunity that I have I give Children of America-Somerset my highest recommendation.

Sheryl Tucker - Somerset, NJ - July 2011

I would like to recognize Ms. Sonny and Ms. Misty at the Doc Stone Center in Stafford, VA for simply being the BEST of what they do. My husband and I always feel at ease when our daughter is being cared for by either one of these outstanding ladies. Both Ms. Sonny and Ms. Misty exemplify the true meaning of a topnotch and caring childcare provider. Please pass on my sincere appreciation for everything they do on a daily basis because their dedication to your mission is evident. I would recommend Children of America to anyone because your organization has a very professional, courteous, and well-trained staff.

Alecia Thomas - Stafford, NY - July 2011

My name is Alisa Femiano and I have 2 children that attend the Children of America in Nyack, New York. I just wanted to write this letter to tell you how great your staff is at this location. My older son, Gavin was diagnosed with PDD last year and he attends in the morning and then takes a bus to his early intervention school, he then gets dropped back off at COA in the afternoon. Wendy Misele the director of this location has taken such special care to make sure his transitions are easy for him. She really cares about all the kids in the school and really watches out for my Gavin. Any time I have a question or a special need for him she is always willing to help.

There is also one very special teacher, her name is Brenda Battle. She is amazing with my son and sometimes in the morning when he doesn't want to leave the house all I have to say is that we are going to see Brenda and he is running out the door. They have this unspoken bond and she really understands his special needs and works with him to help him communicate with the other children. So in conclusion I just wanted to thank you for having such special people working in your schools. I feel safe and both of my children feel so loved in COA.

Alisa Femiano - Nyack, NY - June 2011

My husband and I wanted to write you a letter about one of your teachers at the North Wales, PA Children of America. Her name is Gloria Sileo. She's patient, loving, nurturing, energetic, and honest. And yet the kids respect her and know whose boss. Miss Gloria disciplines the kids in an appropriate but stern manner. The kids listen to her and respect her too. Her classroom is always neat, clean, and organized.

Our daughter Brayden loves Miss Gloria. Since attending COA, we have seen Brayden blossom and shine. It fills our hearts with happiness knowing she is happy, loves her teacher, and is having fun learning. Miss Gloria is one of those teachers you look back at in life and think "Miss Gloria, remember her? What a great teacher she was to Brayden. She really turned things around for her and helped her have fun and enjoy school. She was the best!"

The point of this letter is to let you know how much we appreciated Miss Gloria teaching our daughter. We hope you at COA also recognize Miss Gloria and appreciate what a great teacher and genuine person she is as much as we do.

Cindy & Adam Glikas - North Wales, PA - June 2011

We are writing in regards to the Children of America facility in Nyack, NY. Our daughter Kaitlyn age 4, has been enrolled there for the past two years (excluding the summer months) and will be finishing her time as a student there later this week.

As we begin, it is unlikely that this letter will adequately express the mix of appreciation and sadness we feel as we withdraw Kaitlyn from CoA. From the very beginning it was clear to us (after a period of searching) that we had found the best place that Kaitlyn could spend her days while we were at work. As she is dropped off each morning into Ms. Geraldine's class room Kaitlyn lights-up after a long drive from Connecticut. A period of potential stress and anxiety for Kaitlyn and us instead has always been a period of excitement as she sees her friends and teachers and waves good-bye for the morning. In today's world it is no easy thing for any parent to leave his or her child with non-relatives and not experience a degree of concern. We are among the fortunate few who feel safe and confident because of Ms. Geraldine and the others who greet us each morning.

We also want to mention Kaitlyn's class room teachers and the powerful impact they have had on our daughter's young life. Her first teacher, Ms. Leia was both professional and approachable. Rarely did a drive home not include a story of something "Miss Leia said..." She was instrumental in Kaitlyn learning to use the potty and did a great job of sharing her observations each afternoon. Though she is currently employed elsewhere, it is a testament to the hiring practices employed by Ms. Misle that Kaitlyn had the opportunity to learn from such a quality individual. This year Kaitlyn has been privileged to spend most of the year in Ms. Malory and Ms. Nadine's class. This was after she was moved from the class she began the year in. Transitioning into a new class with older children was something we were concerned about and we expressed those concerns to Ms. Misle. She reassured us that Ms. Malory and Ms. Nadine would be sensitive to our concerns and make the transition a smooth one. She could have not been more correct. Kaitlyn adapted to the new children and routine with a degree of success that we did not expect. Ms. Malory and Ms. Nadine were excellent with her and with us and made another potential hurdle a non-event. Since the transition, they have continued to impress us with the expertise and grace with which they teach our daughter. They are a credit to your program and Kaitlyn was blessed to have been in their care.

Kaitlyn will spend the next year at home with her mother as we care for her new little sister who we are expecting in August. She will likely begin school the following fall, so she will not be returning to Children of America. We do, however look forward to her mom's return to work that same year so it is likely that our daughter-to-be will be making the trip to Nyack to spend her days in your outstanding facility. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you all again soon. Thank you again for the blessing the staff of the Nyack CoA has been to our family.

Brian & Amy Houst - Nyack, NY - June 2011

I would like to start by complimenting the exceptional service we have received while our daughter has been enrolled at the Stafford, Va location. She first started at 3 months old and has been there since. We are so truely grateful for all of the staff and administration that has helped ease our mind while at work. The curriculum down to the afternoon snack, is just great. Keep up the good work guys! God Bless!

Christine Cole - Stafford, VA - June 2011

Ms. Funk called to express her appreciation for the care that was provided to her son for the 4 years he attended the Warrenton school and to commend some of the staff that Kareem came into contact daily. Kareem will be going to elementary school next year and she would like him to take the summer off.

Ms. Nicole Pessaint has been there as long as Kareem has been there. From Day 1 she has been exceptional; if it weren't for Ms. Nicole she would not have left her son there as long as he has been at COA. There are not enough words for her to express how wonderful she is, she is worth her weight in gold. Ms. Kim was Kareem's teacher from two classes ago yet every single day Kareem has to give her a hug and kiss. She is so good with kids and they love her. You cannot find that kind of care everywhere. Kareem is in Ms. Jean's and Ms. Cameron's class now. Ms. Jane gives Kareem a hug every morning; she comes to the door and greets him, he won't go into the class without getting his hug. Ms. Funk says it makes her feel that he is very safe when she drops him off at COA every morning on her way to work.

Ms. Cameron is a new teacher that started at beginning of the school year. She is always on the floor with the kids, the kids love her and she teaches them and always rewards them with stickers. She lets the kids stand beside her and point to the words while she is reading. She has given Kareem so much self confidence and he shines in her class.

It was a tough decision for them to pull him out for the summer before elementary school and Ms. Funk was compelled to call in to compliment the above individuals so they can be appreciated, they have made such a big impact on Kareem. Prior to coming to COA they had some bad experiences with childcare; however since COA there has never been a day that Kareem didn't feel loved or safe.

April Funk - Warrenton, VA - May 2011

I wanted to take this time to say Thank You!

As a first time mom it was a difficult and heart-wrenching process to find a daycare provider where I felt it was safe for Ian to attend. When my mother did the legwork to find a provider, she immediately called me at work and said 'I think I really like this place'.

By nature and professional training I am leery and not quick to believe anything, until it can be proven true. HOWEVER, my mother's (Ian's grandma) intuition paid off. Children of America/Flossmoor has been an absolute joy for Ian. He has become a very outgoing, singing (sometimes during bedtime..LOL), and responsive little boy.

Thank you Ms. Brea and the Toddler classroom instructors for providing a safe and happy place for Ian. I know he is happy because when Grandma drops him off (he tries to act sad, but quickly releases her leg and off to the play group he goes), and he is happy when I pick him up.

This is just a note of thanks, because I really appreciate the spirit of all the folks working at the center. Please keep up the good work!

Darlene Goins - Flossmoor, IL - May 2011

My name is Tina Terranova and my daughter Angelina has been attending Children of America since June 2010.

She was four years old at the time and it was my first time placing her in school. I had a very tough time choosing what school and always wondering about her safety and if she would be taken care of in a "motherly" way.

So with that said...I would love to compliment ALL of the employees in the Somerset Branch. I never worried about her safety/well being at all! I knew she was getting the best care!

Thank you again for everything!! I would definitely refer your school to everyone!

Tina Terranova - Somerset, NJ - May 2011

Miss Linda & Miss Elisa,

Thank you for all your assistance in helping us enroll Zander & Sedona into your facility. You run a great facility and your staff is absolutely amazing. Thank you for making my first time experience in day care so wonderful.

We Love you all!

Buz & Kymberly - Yorkville, IL - May 2011

I wanted to send you a quick email to let you know about my recent experience at your Sicklerville, NJ site. My husband and I recently enrolled our daughter, Gianna at COA. I would like to commend all of the staff at the Sicklerville site for doing an awesome job of welcoming and embracing our family; however, my primary goal of writing this letter today is to let you know how impressed our family was with the Assistant Director, Ms. Rachel Iannece. Rachel truly went above and beyond the call of duty from the first moment I spoke with her on the telephone. She was very warm, and she went the extra mile to ensure that all of our questions and concerns were addressed. Her compassion and her dedication to the center, the children and the staff was very apparent. We appreciated her honesty and her sensitivity.

I wanted to let you know that I think you have an exemplary employee in Rachel! She represents COA very well! I am looking forward to sharing my story with all of my friends and family members that are looking for quality child care services in our area about how delightful my experience has been. I am sure the Sicklerville site will be receiving many tour requests and information requests, after I spread the word throughout my community.

I enjoyed speaking with you Melissa. You too left a smile on my face, after our conversation yesterday.

Please know that you can call on our family, if you ever need a testimony, or the smiling face of a child on any of your advertisements. The Valery family would love to help COA in any way we can.

On behalf of my family and my daughter, thank you for making a difference in our lives.

But, most of all, thanks for hiring a dedicated, compassionate Assistant Director (Rachel Iannece) at your Sicklerville location! She is fabulous!

Please don't hesitate to call me if you need me to provide additional information regarding my delightful experience.

Warmest professional regards,

Tay L. Walker-Valery - Sicklerville, NJ - April 2011

I wanted to take a moment out from my busy day at work, to let COA's corporate office know that they have a fantastic director at their East Brunswick, NJ office. I am unable to recall Christina's last name, but she has an amazingly upbeat personality, and clearly cares immensely about her job and the children she is responsible for. For the several years Christina has been director, she has NEVER displayed anything but a very upbeat, friendly and professional demeanor, and she has done a great job in hiring employees (including Amy her AD) who share the same values as she.

My two year-old son Liam is currently enrolled at your center, but my three older children will attend three days next week, as a result of their school's Spring Break. All three have been enrolled previously, and are very excited about visiting next week, as they really like the school and its teachers.

I really cannot say enough good things about Christina, you'd be hard pressed to find a better director anywhere. She is awesome!

Greg D'Amore - East Brunswick, NJ - April 2011

When I have great service or an experience I feel compelled to share it with the company. It is always great to hear positive feedback as generally most people write the negative. I have 2 children in the East Brunswick COA. My daughter is in the Kindergarten program with Miss Daniella which wraps around with the public school PM Kindergarten. Miss Daniella is such an amazing teacher. You truly have someone who cares about educating her students. My daughter is learning math, Spanish, presentation skills and much much more. I was astonished last night when my daughter was doing a computer quiz on subtraction and got all of the answers correct.

She told me that Miss Daniella is teaching her subtraction. This is something she hasn't learned in the public school system. She also is working on a presentation to the children regarding an experience she wants to share. My daughter chose her trip to Washington, DC and will be explaining the historic sites she saw and learned about in Miss Daniella's class.

I am overjoyed that my daughter is getting such an incredible start to her education. Miss Daniella is amazing and I can't wait for my 2 year old son to have her in a few more years.

PS: We also love Miss Christina, Miss Amy, Miss Cassie (son adores her more than anything), Miss Jo Jo, and of course Miss Margaret

Sara Blivaiss - East Brunswick, NJ - March 2011

My child, Tristan (17 months), has been attending the Children of America, Woodbridge Center since my return to work after maternity leave in late January, 2010. He has been in three rooms, Infant A, Infant B and now the Toddlers Room.

I wanted to thank you for sending Jamie and Rebecca to the Woodbridge Center at the beginning of this year. We had become very concerned about the hiring standards, failure to follow curriculum and overall customer service provided under the prior leadership at the Center. We were even concerned that the B&A children seemed out of control at times. We had decided over the Christmas break that it was time to give up on COA and we were going to transfer our son to Minnieland. Upon our return from our holiday, we were informed that there had been change in the Directors position and we decided to wait a week before putting in our notice. At this point, we are glad we waited.

Since Jamie and Rebecca's arrival, my husband and I have seen amazing improvements. The Center looks cleaner, circle time happens every day at least twice a day, the Toddlers room finally has educational toys, and the children get to go outside frequently. Jamie and Rebecca are always accessible and ready to listen to any concerns that we might have and they take action to make improvements where needed. One improvement that was made, which I view as essential, is that communication appears to be a high priority. Jamie and Rebecca communicate about changes that will affect daily care of our son. Jamie also worked tirelessly to try to resolve an Always Close By camera position issue for us. She listened to our concern and responded, showing us that she values our opinions, listens to our concerns, and is ready to assist to resolve those concerns. That kind of leadership is invaluable.

I am very excited to continue to see the improvements that will be implemented by Jamie and her team at COA Woodbridge.

Camelia Rogers - Woodbridge, VA - March 2011

My name is Kim Pierce, COA Menomonee Falls, WI (the detective) mother of Victoria (2yr toddler class, Miss Angie) director Miss Chris and assist director Miss Caroline.

You might remember I was not happy that Meghan Hoffer left as director (as I sent you emails to that sentiment.) So I have to admit, it took me a little bit to warm up to the new director Chris, if for no other reason then I missed Meghan (no offense to Chris.)

Recently I have been off of work due to health issues, and as a result am still having Tori go to daycare. Because my schedule is not as tight as it normally is, I have had an opportunity to stay with Tori's class on a couple of occasions for about a hour or two to see what goes on, and I am so glad that I did, including today, PICTURE day!

I had such an unbelievable eye opening experience....I had NO IDEA how hard Miss Angie works, I was ready to run out of there, and to think that she (and the other teachers) do this EVERYDAY, oh my goodness! Her patience, control and affection for the kids was genuine, and it made me feel very good about my decision to remain at COA and to continue to refer it to other people. I absolutely marvel at her ability to remain calm and get these little "children of God" to do as she asks.

Prior to Miss Angie, Tori (and we) were blessed to have both Miss Martha and Miss Jackie as her teacher. I can't tell you how many times Jackie would pry Tori kicking and screaming out of my arms when I was running late and already feeling terrible about having to leave Tori with them, instead of me. The guilt I felt was overwhelming, but quelled by the absolutely priceless gift Miss Jackie would give to me when she immediately took action to calm my crying (and sometimes tantrum filled) little "angel". Often times I would get to COA earlier then expected and would marvel at how Jackie had the one year olds stay on their cot after nap, awaiting their diaper change, it was as though it was magical! I was in awe.

My daughters vocabulary, her socialization skills, and knowledge of things is unbelievable, especially the sign language, I get such a kick out of that! All because of the hard work and dedication of your wonderful staff! Everytime I come in either or both Chris and Caroline greet me with a smile and welcome Tori with open arms, and to a mom who feels the guilt of having a child in daycare that makes all the difference. Miss Chris and Caroline have been very wonderful and helpful during my current health situation, doing whatever they can to always accomodate me.

I would also like to say that Miss Lindsey Petham has been at COA the longest (if you recall Tori was the first enrolled) she is the last of the originals and if memory serves me she started in March of 2010, MONTHS after Tori did in September of 2009. I absolutely adore her, and it is very obvious that the children do as well! She ALWAYS has a smile on her face and gives many hugs to the kids...I am also looking forward to her being Tori's teacher (I believe she will be Tori's next step.) I do not have much contact with the other teachers, but I would assume that they are just as professional.

Wanted you to know about this, because I am sure you have heard many complaints in your day...I will admit that I did wonder if YOU have ever sat in with the kids in their classrooms to CLEARLY see how hard your staff works, if you haven't you should, you would really get a new perspecitive, respect and appreciation for everything they do...TRUST ME, my eyes have been opened!

I also LOVE that COA (Miss Caroline) takes pictures and then emails them to us, not being able to spend time with Tori and missing many times stinks, so that is a nice consolation! EXCELLENT idea!!!!

Keep up the good work!

Kim Pierce - Menomonee Falls, WI - March 2011

Dear Ms. Davis,

As I said verbally, we are grateful for the love and affection we received at the center for the past year. We are leaving only to enroll Zsofia in a specialty school dedicated to Hungarian language. If language were not an issue for us, we would never consider leaving your center.

If you or anyone affiliated with Children of America should ever require an endorsement please don't hesitate to contact us. I would like to thank you and Ms. Tori for running an excellent operation and always ensuring that our needs as parents were met. I would also like to thank all of the teachers who cared for Zsofia, including Ms. Cherry, Ms. Cathy, Ms. Colleen (1), Ms. Colleen (2), Ms. Anne-Marie, Ms. Vivian, Ms Gloria, Ms. Helen, Ms. Safiya, Ms. Keesha, and anyone I might have missed.

Zsofia always felt safe, secure and loved at your center. I can't possibly have asked for anything more than that.

Robert & Eniko Kovacs - Somerset, NJ - March 2011

I'm writing to inform you about your employee, Ms. Myra Rivera. She is a wonderful person. She is very attentative to the children. As, a parent I see Ms. Myra everyday and everyday she has a special detail to tell me how my son's day went. She is also very caring with all the children. She hugs, she plays, she sings, she reads, she is with them. My son happily says "hi Myra" and when he leaves she always asks him for a hug. She is very willing to talk about how my son's day went. What my son needs and listens or address any concerns that I may have. My son is happy that means I'm happy.

I'd like to also thank the Director, Ms. Misle for choosing Ms. Myra Rivera. Ms. Misle is always very willing to address any of my concerns or just listen to a cute song my son just learned to sing. Transition is always a hard process. I thank Children of America for making it easier for me.

Raquel Lucas - Nyack, NY - February 2011

"Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work we go..."
"Look, mommy! I made a diamond."
"I can dress myself!"
"You can play with this, too. We can share."

Just a few of the many things I've heard uttered from my daughter's mouth recently. Whether it's singing a song that we haven't sung at home (yet), or manipulating some refrigerator magnets to make a certain shape, or dressing for the day, or the mere act of sharing toys with her mommy, in the few weeks that she's been in your care I've seen such growth. She seems cleverer. And while my opinion is strictly biased on how truly wonderful she already is, you are indeed helping to mold her into a very intelligent, creative, self-sufficient, and kind person. Every evening, when I see her, I ask, "How was your day?" To which she replies, "Great." She then proceeds to excitedly tell me all the things about that day: who she saw, what she ate, what she learned, and that she played with, " many toys". The minute details may differ, but the gist is always the same. Her temperament is always happy and enthusiastic. She had a perfectly fun day.

(I then read the teacher comment sheet and try to figure out why she didn't eat the vegetables or fruit offered! Darn kid!)

Thank you so much for taking care and teaching my girl during work-week hours, when both her dad and I can't. It stinks to have to work, needing both salaries, but that sadness is slightly alleviated knowing that she's in good care. Of the staff I've met, my opinion is quite high. You all seem like good people, doing good work, with my good little person.

Thank you. I have much admiration and am very appreciative.

Aberdeen, NJ - February 2011

"To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Children of America for taking such wonderful care of my children and always making me feel at ease when leaving my most prized possessions in the care of your wonderful staff. My son has had two remarkable teachers during his time so far at Children of America in East Brunswick.

First of all, in the Infant B room, Miss Kristy was a wonderful caring teacher who taught my son numerous things. She always gave him the love and nurturing he needed when he was feeling sad and she encouraged him to succeed when he wanted to venture out on his own. And the second teacher, Miss Megha in the Two's Room, was the only teacher to make my son feel completely comfortable being away from home. She loved him and helped him to grow during their time together.

It was upsetting when Megha announced her resignation last week. Megha did wonderful things to make Children of America in East Brunswick a wonderful school. And I was heartbroken when I found out today that my son would not be able to say goodbye to her. The decision was made to ask her not to come in on her last day. And, although I do not know the reason that decision was made, I believe that it was not in the best interest of the children or the families of Children of America. I believe that these two year olds needed to have this day to say goodbye to the teacher that they loved so much. And because that was taken away from them, I hope that they are able to trust their new teachers and not fear that they may suddenly leave them too. I was also stripped of the opportunity to show her my appreciation for all the hard work that she has done and all that she has given our family and especially our son.

I wanted to again thank you for what Children of America has done for our family. It truly is a home away from home for our children. They have learned so much and have built many relationships that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. I just want to bring my concern to your attention so that I can feel confident that the decisions that are made are always in the best interest of the children, as they are the ones who are most affected by our actions. "

Laura Sordillo - East Brunswick, NJ - January 2011

"To the Staff of Children of America: I just wanted to thank all of you at Children of America for doing such a great job with the children. I love the way you interact with the children. My son is learning so much at COA. He is like a sponge, absorbing everything in that he learns. My family has found ourselves amazed at some of the things he knows, that we know he learned in school. Please, keep up the good work"

Mia Wigfall and Family - Holbrook, MA - January 2011

"To Whom It May Concern, I am writing to express my satisfaction with Children of America Warrington. My son has recently started attending when I became an employee and it was his first day care experience. He is 19 months old and we were both scared at first putting him in a new environment away from his mommy. Thankfully his teacher, Ms. Nancy, comforted him and made him feel safe and content while I worked. In the first couple weeks he went from knowing nothing to now pointing to his eyes, ears, nose, elbows, and knees and has become a lot more social. I am very pleased and thankful for his teacher who has treated my son like he is part of her family. I am proud to say she is his teacher and am even prouder to show off his new knowledge to family and friends. Every time I walk past his classroom I see him playing and dancing with her and it makes me very happy. I also love the projects she does with them and the decorations she makes. Every mother knows how special their little projects become when they get older. I am simply amazed at how much he has learned in a short amount of time and how quickly he has warmed up to her, she has made it a great experience for both of us. "

Anita Gerena, Mother of Carmelo - Warrington, PA - January 2011

"Ms. Barbara & Ms. Jackie, We would like to take the time to thank you both for your love and care of our son Tyler. As you know, leaving your child under someone else's supervision is a difficult task. However, not a day has gone by that we would want him under anyone else's care. It is reassuring to see the way he smiles when we leave him with Ms. Barbara in the morning and when we return in the evening, to see the same smiling face with Ms. Jackie. We truly appreciate the monthly artwork that is sent home as we regularly show-off these projects to friends and family. We are confident that Tyler will value and cherish these projects as well. Thank you for providing such a warm, safe, educational and fun environment for Tyler. We wish you the best 2011 has to offer and are fortunate to have you play such a vital role in Tyler's development. Best Regards."

Tara & Tim Wuorinen - Aberdeen, NJ - January 2011

"Dear Nicole and Tori - Just wanted to send you a note to thank you for all your support with my son Kyle when I was pregnant with the twins.

I will never forget how much help I got from you while I was on bed rest, and how much you help me with Kyle.. You and your staff made the transition so much easier for me and my husband and of course for Kyle as well.

Also, I wanted to thank Ms. Kim, Ms. Kateena and Ms. Heather and everybody at COA for their patience and for all their "TLC" with Kyle and for all their help with all my requests I made through the year 2010. Thanks to them, Kyle is now "potty train", he knows his "abc's" and has made wonderful friends ;-)

Hope this new year 2011 brings much happiness and success to all of you."

Marcela, Tony, Kyle, Dylan and Connor - Somerset, NJ - January 2011


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