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Parent Testimonials 2013

I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for my daughter's fulltime preschool teacher- Ms Jenny, at the Holbrook, Ma location. Our daughter is now 4 and started with COA at 10 months old, we left COA for a competitor daycare for a short time and since returning a little over a year ago, we have been extremely happy with all of her lead teachers; Melissa and Rose do a very good job with finding considerate, focused teachers.

Ms. Jenny in particular has been extremely wonderful, she not only has the patience for our daughter, she is kind and keeps a controlled and fun classroom. Now that Elizabeth is in a pre-school setting, I have noticed her interest in learning academic based problems and with Ms. Jenny's focused direction, I feel confident we have chosen the right school for her. In addition to Ms. Jenny, one of Elizabeth's former teachers- Miss Bethany, seems to have a natural talent with developing and caring for children. I can't leave out Miss Erin as well, she was also very personable and caring for Elizabeth.

I would love to see a bit more development in the assistant teachers, not all, but a couple that could use some interpersonal training; communicating to the children as well as the parents. A few of the mothers/fathers I speak to outside of the school have also mentioned this as well. I've noticed in some newer assistant teachers, some self confidence shown to parents may ease any concerns where some of the older assistant teachers at times can almost come off abrupt, overconfident and at times even rude.

The Holbrook location is different from other daycare centers we have had experience with- especially for a parent- Almost every day, Elizabeth is warmly greeted at the entrance and this really does make a difference in the drop off process for us; the beginning of her day is an essential peace of mind I need to have in order to leave her for several hours.

Thank you again for providing us with great teachers, working in customer service I know that often I may received more negative than positive. If I had the time, I would send a positive email weekly showing our appreciation for all they do.

Katie G. & and Matthew G.- Holbrook, MA - December 2013

My name is Alisha P. I'm a current resident in wilton's Corner and my son has been attending your school since late October. I've heard nothing but great things about this school from the convenient times you open and close, healthy school menu, to the games and learning in your classrooms. I just wanted to take the time out to really say thank you and I appreciate all that you do here at Children of America. My son Yhaa'sir Potter is in the two's classroom with Ms. Ivy & Ms. Mal and I love them to death. They make me feel real comfortable and my son loves coming to school, he even tries to come on Saturdays. This was his first daycare experience and he started two weeks before his second birthday. He was a cry baby in the beginning after I would drop him off made me feel a little uneasy, but I was able to call throughout the day (which I probably annoyed Mrs. Andrea to death)and they took there time with him. So grateful! He is a sponge at this age saying A,B,C's and talking has definitely enhanced drastically. I'm currently expecting I'm excited to send my daughter here when its time for me to go back to work. I have no worries. I went in today and over heard a parent compliant about the new pay increases same thing I told Mrs. Andrea if it doesn't go up hundreds of dollars my son will always be attending, I love the service and I'm all around satisfied! Your staff is Great!

Alisha P. - Sicklerville, NJ - December 2013

I wanted to take a moment and share with you how grateful I am to have my child, Olivia B., enrolled in the Ellicott City Maryland Children of America.

On Tuesday, my daughter had a febrile seizure while in class. She is 5 and has had a history of this. The staff was aware of her condition and acted quickly to help her. Ms. Andrea, Ms. Rezina, Ms. Ally, Ms. Erin and Ms. Bethany acted together as a team to help Olivia while also caring for the rest of the children in her class. They were also extremely quick in contacting us and were in constant communication with us as we were driving to meet the ambulance at the school. They followed all seizure care protocol and comforted her until the ambulance arrived. When we got to the school Ms. Bethany and Ms. Erin were in the ambulance comforting her and were prepared to ride with her to the hospital if we did not make it to the school in time. I can't tell you how grateful my husband and I are for their quick thinking, excellent care and the loving manner in which they treated our daughter. It is always scary when you are not with your child when they are in need. I know that when I drop her off in the morning that she is in an environment with special teachers who treat her as if she was their own child. This is a wonderful thing to be able to find and your Ellicott City staff should be commended for the work that they do every day.

I have had both of my children enrolled in the school and would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for excellent care for their children!

Laura & Robert B. - Ellicott City, MD - November 2013

"About 6 million kids in America receive special education, according to the U.S. Department of Education. One out of every 10 children under the age of 14 has some type of special need, which includes any physical, cognitive, or medical disability, or chronic or life-threatening illness."

With that being said, I want to talk about my daughters and at times, it's hard to talk about my daughters...Today was their first day at an early childhood center in Maineville, OH called Children of America. They will go 2x a week from 8-12pm (for school readiness as well as social emotional purposes and not to mention a break for mommy). Not only were they welcomed into an all "two's" class with open arms regardless of their diagnosis, regardless of their ability to communicate or their sensory issues that concide with their autism. Today they excelled. I will admit I was so nervous to just throw them in with the "wolves" and see how it payed out. However, we visited the center two times prior, expressed every concern we had and the phenomenal director of this facility did not bat an eye. My girls were in a academic/social setting with all developmentally "on track" toddlers and highly trained teachers. Emma and Norah thrived. They engaged with other children, mimicked their behaviors and I practically had to drag them our of the classroom after lunch. With that being said, as my husband Michael Fitzpatrick and I have utilized Facebook as a tool to spread awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder and connect with other special needs parents, I was taught a huge lesson today. There are people and places such as Children of America that will meet the child where they are at no matter how they stack up compared to the rest of us and enrich their lives with love and compassion. Ohio has been a blessing on so may levels. So I will leave you with this... On the car ride home from school, Emma exclaimed, "I Painted!!!" Clear as day...Thank you all for the continuous love and support on our journey but I'm pretty sure "we're gonna make this place our home."

Bridget Fitzpatrick - Maineville, OH - September 2013

As a working mother, it's hard to find a place that can provide a comfortable and secure environment; however I found that place with Children of America in Nyack.

My son attended COA from September 2011 through September 2013. While in COA's care, he learned everything from his ABC's, numbers, letters and number recognition, to shapes, music, art appreciation, dance and even soccer. He also learned life enhancement skills such as patience, understanding and love. The team at COA creates an environment where children have fun as well as develop wonderful relationships with learning and with each other.

The COA teachers and directors have become such an intricate part of our lives and I attribute so much of my son's growth and excelled development to Children of America. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for the best care for their child.

The love and patience provided by COA makes us realize how lucky we were to have found a place we can still call our home away from home. I highly recommend Children of America, you're guaranteed to receive the type of care you would give your own child.

Lisa Chang - Nyack, NY - September 2013

Today is my son Andrew's last day as a full-time Children of America student, and this month marks our fifth anniversary with the Warrenton, Virginia center. Andrew will be moving to a small, independent preschool that his older brother, Thomas (also a COA alum), attended.

We will be leaving behind some extraordinary people who will be greatly missed. Andrew's current teacher, Barbara Squittieri, has been exceptional with him. She is kind, patient, and firm, and has been the perfect steady hand to guide Andrew through his willful three year old phase. He has thrived in her structured, organized classroom and has learned a great deal from her application of the curriculum. She is an incredible asset to Children of America and COA should feel privileged to have her on its staff.

His previous teacher, Nellie Siske, is another wonderful boon to Children of America. She is friendly, caring, loving to her children, and incredibly positive. She, too, offered a firm but gentle hand and was instrumental in helping Andrew learn to redirect frustration and anger to more positive behavior. I am grateful for her role in my son's development and feel very fortunate that Andrew was in her class. She will be missed.

Paula, Kim, and Mackie also deserve recognition for being reliable, stable, firm, kind, and patient with Andrew and Thomas. I am appreciative of all they have done for my boys.

Finally, the director, Ms. Nicole is to be commended. She has always been very open and easy to communicate with and has been incredibly supportive of me and my children. Problems got fixed, concerns were addressed, and victories were celebrated; Ms. Nicole is a tremendous foundation for the Warrenton center. I will miss her unwavering support, care, and counsel.

We have enjoyed our time with Children of America. Thank you for providing a safe, cheerful, stable, and enriching start to Thomas and Andrew's education.

Kathryn Lamonia - Warrenton, VA - August 2013

I feel compelled to write to express my satisfaction with, and gratitude to, the staff at Children of America in Sickerville, NJ. My daughter, Chelsea, was enrolled at this daycare from November 2012 when she was 4 1/2 months old, until a few weeks ago (13 months). My job got relocated to Northern NJ and I had no choice but to switch daycares, but it was not easy to leave! Kristen and Crystal were great from the start at answering my questions and making me feel comfortable although I felt like a neurotic first-time-mom leaving her infant in strangers' hands for the first time! Those 'strangers' - Miss Lisa, Miss Barb and all Infant A assistants - soon became extensions of our family, helping to teach our young daughter important skills, singing to her, comforting her, and keeping her well fed, changed and right on schedule. Once she moved up to Infant B, she loved the open play space to crawl/walk around, buggy rides, and outdoor playground - and continued learning many skills. I was very pleased with all the staff at this location, and truly appreciate the comfort, safety, attentiveness and care that they showed both Chelsea and I every single day. Thank you COA! We miss you!

Megan Ryan - Sicklerville, NJ - July 2013

We wanted to take the time to thank all of the staff of Children of America, Salem Church for the excellent care that has been given to our daughter Simone. So many times people only write when things are wrong, but I want to let you know that things are very right at COA-SC.

When we started our search for childcare for our daughter we never thought we would find a place that would make us feel 100% confident in leaving our child in the care of others but we did. I had visited 4 childcare facilities and none gave me the feeling I got when I visited COA. From the first time thru the door I knew there was something special at COA. Mrs. Lori was the only director out of all the facilities to take the time to go over what I thought was every single important detail of what we should expect while Simone was at COA. Being first time parents, I felt like she sensed my insecurities about having Simone in daycare but she made me feel good about COA. I can honestly say that whenever I have had a concern, she or Ms Emily have addressed them. I feel that when you have leaders like Mrs. Lori and Ms. Emily you can only expect the best from everyone else at COA-SC.

I never imagined that in sending Simone to COA we would gain another family for her. We are excited about the care that Simone is receiving at COA. Her teachers Mrs. Charity and Mrs. Lasharrie are AMAZING, they're GREAT. Not only are they excellent with Simone, they have helped my husband and I learn ways to encourage her development. Most importantly we see the smile on her face in the morning when she arrives to her class!!!

Thank you again for providing a safe and nourishing environment for our daughter Simone. Thank you to ALL of the staff at COA-SC.

Wayne & Hillaree Wright - Salem Church, VA - February 2013

I am writing this letter today to compliment Mr. Chris, Center Director at COA Winchester, Virginia.

Upon arrival to pick my children up the other day, Mr. Chris was traveling room-to-room while singing and playing his guitar. The kids were overjoyed with excitement and singing and dancing right along! We in fact delayed our departure by 20 minutes to stay and enjoy the "concert".

I have many options available to me when choosing a daycare/preschool facility for my children, but it's moments like these that remind me that I made the correct choice in selecting Children of America! In my opinion, this extra level of enrichment is extremely beneficial in enhancing my children's development. My children both thoroughly enjoy going to "school" each day, and I know that it is because of Mr. Chris along with the other teachers at the center.

I just wanted to make sure that Mr. Chris's manager was aware of the extraordinary efforts he makes to ensure that the children in his care are happy and enriched! I hope that he will pass this along to you with my compliments of a "Job Well Done, Mr. Chris!"

Margo P. - Winchester, VA - January 2013


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