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Parent Testimonials 2014

We moved to Warrington a little over 2 years ago and have a busy lifestyle. Our son has been enrolled since February 2014 and our child is 22 months. We had an extremely bad experience with the first/last child care center we had our child in prior and I did A LOT of research before choosing COA. Our son started in the Toddler room with Ms. Rachel as a teacher and we couldn't have loved her more! Every toddler teacher is AMAZING, Ms. Diana, Ms. Sara...even that they are not my sons permanent teacher they are so welcoming and really care about each child. I am a very interactive parent so I am always going in and spending time when we drop off/pick up our son and it gives me an opportunity to get to know each of them a bit more.

Any time I have had a concern I immediately take it to the Director, Ms. Erica and she simply incredible! I cannot begin to tell your team how comforting she is, of course she is understanding because she is a parent but extremely professional at the same time. Her door seems to be always open and welcoming. Not just the teachers but Ms. Laura and Ms. Colleen have also been an amazing support to our family.

Our sons current teacher Ms. Annemarie recently started with COA and we were a bit concerned since we didn't know her but I have to say...she has really blown us away. She is so good with the children, creative, gives us detail feedback every day (which I never requested but is one of my favorite things a teacher could provide me) and very organized. She is always interacting with the children, focused on them.

Anyways, I could go on and on about how happy I am with this Child Care Center and the staff. Thank you for giving us parents peace of mind when we leave our hearts with you.

Thank you!

The Lopez Family - Wilmington, DE - November 2014

Overwhelmingly Positive, A +++

I cannot say enough good things about this place. They have done such an incredible job with our boys. I just don't know what we would've done without them.

Our kids have been attending Children of America on Lancaster Ave in Wilmington since they were born. It has been the perfect environment for them. The teachers and other staff treat them well, and partner with us to address all their developmental needs. Our boys can be a tremendous handful, but never has any of the staff voiced so much as a doubt as to COA's willingness or ability to work with them.

It is hard enough to go to work each day and leave your kids with someone. Children of America takes away that worry and replaces it with the knowledge that our kids are in a safe, nurturing and educational environment, surrounded by staff who love them. Ms. Bonnie, Ms. Paula are wonderful. Ms Clara simply runs the best child care facility I've ever seen. Thank you Children of America!

Thank you!

Russ and Tonya M. - Wilmington, DE - November 2014

My children, Peter and Vincent, are enrolled in the Norwood Ma COA. My wife and I are very pleased with the quality of care and learning provided by the teachers and management of the Center.

I would especially like to thank and praise Associate Director DeAnn Baptista. She arrived into a somewhat uncertain scene, with both the well loved Director and Associate out on leave. Ms Baptista provided steady leadership and eased my apprehensions about how the transition would be handled. DeAnn made sure the high quality of leadership we came to expect from Marcy and Brett continued in their absence.

Ms Baptista is an excellent employee who deserves the highest praise for her efforts at the Norwood COA.

Robert G.- Norwood, MA - June 2014

Wanted to commend the management staff, Cheryl Varlaro & Kristin Beach, at North Wales. Yesterday, there was a disturbance in the neighborhood where there was gun violence. Both Kristen and Cheryl remained calm and kept the school in safe. The children weren't scared and parents were informed and not really worried. Caller wanted to give them major props. Good Job Gals!

Afua D.- North Wales, PA - May 2014

I wanted to just write a quick note regarding the Stony Point COA staff. My daughter, Sabrina Elkins, has been in their preschool program for the last 8 months and I can't say enough good things about the program, facility and the staff. This staff, led by Jennifer Voehl is just phenomenal. They are not just caring and dedicated professionals, they truly care about each child and family of the facility. When my daughter started with COA we had just relocated from Florida to New York after losing my husband to cancer. Sabrina had become withdrawn and stopped speaking. The staff at this facility worked with her everyday to give her a constant in our ever changing world. Ms. Amanda, one of the teaching assistants, worked with my daughter every day one on one to be able to say people's name including her own. I remember the day I came in to pick her up and she said Ms. Amanda's name for the first time. That had to be one of the best days ever, followed closely by the day she said her own name. I can see the change in my daughter everyday and I truly believe is because of the education, care and love this staff gives her during the day that she has blossomed. Ms. Rose, Ms. Cree, Mr. Peter, Ms. Kathleen, Ms. Lauren, Ms. Terry, Ms. Heather, Ms. Jennifer and so many more have made this difficult period so much easier for us and have enhanced our lives so much.

Mindy E.- Stony Point, NY - May 2014

It has been almost a year since Isabelle has been part of the COA family. Barely 6 weeks old, Isabelle joined in to Infant A, and now progressed to Infant B.

It has been a wonderful journey, not only to Isabelle but also ours, as her parents Isabelle looks forward for school and each time she walks into her classroom her face lights with excitement and joy. Each teacher is very unique and their dedication and loving nature allows Isabelle to learn and show respect to them respectively.

Both my husband and I are very happy to see Isabelle develiping well; cognitively, physically and socially.In conjunction with her first birthday, we would like to share our love and appreciation to all the teachers and management who has made her first journey in life a fun and beautiful one; by accepting a token of appreciation to one and all.

Thank you and God Blessed!

Isabelle, Philippe and Juliana B.- Nyack, NY - January 2014

We transferred our son from KidsRKids daycare facility in Maineville OHIO to COA about 6 months ago and we couldn't be more happy with our decision. The director, assistant director, and teachers are some of the most caring, compassionate, intelligent people we have ever met and our son LOVES going to "school" there. Thank you!

The Mantica Family - Maineville, OH - January 2014


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