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Parent Testimonials 2015

Hi Tracy,

Happy Thanksgiving!

I would like to take a moment and thank you and the staff at Children of America for all of your hard work and dedication in partnering with us and all families in the development and raising of our children. Since day 1 we have had great results. However, when you stepped into the role of director, the game changed, for the better. The facility moved from good to excellent. You have brought a level of attention, caring and detail that has been invaluable. And while my husband and I have always noticed and appreciated, last night it all came together.

On Tuesday 11/24 we had our very first parent teacher conference at Willow Dale Elementary for Jason. The reports from the teacher were beyond glowing. Jason is ahead of the curve academically and above all he is a leader in the room, he is the teacher's go to guy for support in running to the front office, escorting a hurt child to the nurse or just helping around the room. The teacher noted that academically and in his personal skills he is amazing and truly well rounded.

When we noted that he Jason had completed full day kindergarten at COA Warminster last year, her words were "they did an amazing job".

I ask two things:

1. Please forward this note along with my contact information to corporate. They MUST know the level of excellence you bring to the lives of the families at COA.

2. Please always feel free to have parents looking for a "day care" to contact me as a reference. If there is any question parents looking for a village to raise their child/children, it should be the COA Village!

Wishing you and yours and the COA family all the best this holiday season. We are thankful we have had you in our lives.

Warmest wishes,

Nicole, Jerry and Jason Warminster, PA - November 2015

First and foremost, I would like to express my appreciation of one of your employees, Ms. Mary Harris in the toddler room.

Ms. Mary has always been exceptional with the kids. Ms. Mary's personal care of all of the children she works with has been extraordinary. I must tell you that I sit and watch the camera daily. I have two monitors at work, one for work and the other to observe what is happening at Warrenton Children of America. The effort Ms. Mary puts forth has made my grandson a healthy and active child. One August 19, 2015, I was watching the interaction between her and him and saw how kind and affectionate she is. She was in the two's class room that morning and he went straight to her with a smile on his face. It is wonderful to see him take her hand let his mother leave the classroom without even noticing. To see how much he trusts her and is comfortable with her is very relieving and makes me feel comfortable as well..

Aaryn then started to play and rub Ms. Mary’s cheeks and when she placed him in his chair to eat, he started feeding her. Of course, she did not eat his food, but played along. He got up and started to play hide and seek behind her back and run up in front of her and laugh. The whole time, she kept her eyes on the classroom but gave him the attention he demanded as well. It was awesome to see him smile. I have to say that many services cannot be measured in terms of money; I cannot forget her motherly affection to my grandson and the other children in her care.

Children of American should be proud of her outstanding work with children, as I am proud that my grandchildren are blessed with her patients and understanding. We're certainly lucky to have someone with her talent and dedication to represent your organization. Again, I would like to congratulate her for her excellent performance and I thank her very much for being the person that she is.


Robin M. Warrenton, VA - August 2015

I know this email is super random but I wanted to just let you guys know that Jeff and I are SO happy with James's progress at COA. We seriously owe so much of it to you guys and to Ms. Sue and Ms. Angela.

Ms. Sue and Ms. Angela are outstanding teachers. The ideas they come up with to teach the kids about numbers, letter, etc, are so unique and interesting! James absolutely loves it too.

I'm hoping James is one of the later kids to move to the 4's as I have seen SUCH AN IMPROVEMENT in his learning and I just wanted to let you both know how great the teachers are.


Shannon K. Warrington, PA - May 2015


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