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I dropped Lora off today for her last day of Pre-K.

While Lora told me she was sad to say goodbye to her friends (but happy because she is a big girl kindergarten-er!), I also was super emotional – Lora has been with your COA family for years. When she first started, Lora would come to school holding her stuffed toy ‘bunny’, and now today she ran in excited to say thank you to Ms. Susan. (I attached a picture from Lora’s first day at COA)

Your team at COA have been beyond amazing for Lora. Not only warm and welcoming, but supportive. For example, in her first year there Lora regressed in her speech. Your team’s response was to learn different signs so Lora could communicate her needs and be welcoming to the speech therapist working with Lora.

Throughout her experience at COA, there have been several people who have had an impact on Lora, but two have been a constant for Lora – Susan and Krystal.

First, I know I have told you numerous times, but Ms. Susan is incredible. Even before Lora was in Ms. Susan’s class, Lora was one of ‘her kids’ in the early morning. When Lora first started and was anxious going to school, Ms. Susan was always warm, welcoming, and a comfort when I would drop Lora off (for a while, Lora would only go to Ms. Susan). Susan would take Lora up to the window so I could wave good-bye and throw kisses through the window. When my ex-husband and I were separating, Ms. Susan was there to support Lora (this was before Lora was even in her class). When Lora stopped talking, Ms. Susan was there for Lora (and eventually Lora would only talk to me and Ms. Susan).

As Lora joined Ms. Susan’s pre-k class, Susan came in with over the top energy. Lora was excited coming home - talking about science, numbers, and sounding out words. Susan would send home books for us to borrow to encourage Lora’s love of learning to read. This summer, Lora would come home talking about outer space, Rocket the class pet (even writing food for Rocket on the supermarket list), and different insects. She raved about the activities they did at camp – ‘balloon bop!’ Susan would go out of her way to make Lora feel special – nicknames, class jobs, celebrating her birthday, and even just how Lora would be greeted every morning.

Susan has also been an incredible support for me as well, suggesting activities to do at home and communicating about Lora, in person and through email. I cannot impress enough how much Susan has done for Lora the past few years. Susan goes above and beyond for her kids, and I am so grateful for the time Lora has spent with Susan. She has had such an impact on Lora. I know that Lora is ready for kindergarten – not only in terms of education readiness, but socially as well.

The second person who has been a constant for Lora is Ms. Krystal. She is the one who welcomed us to the center originally, giving us the tour. She has had a lot of patience, listening to any concern I have brought to her. I started to increase my communication with Krystal during COVID. She was very understanding of my financial situation working with a reduced income. When we returned after a break due to COVID, Krystal was very helpful in getting us right back to the center and communicated all the various protocols put in place. She has also been very quick to address concerns via email, even with how busy the mornings are there. Even with the high anxiety around COVID, I have felt safe and confident sending Lora to your center. While I’m sure you know, I have reached out to Krystal with concerns and she is always understanding, positive, and very patient. Lora looked forward to seeing Ms. Krystal every morning, especially since drop offs started at the front. Krystal goes out of her way to have a bright, positive, and energetic attitude to start Lora’s morning.

I know Krystal will do amazing things for the school as the new director.

Finally, you have been so helpful navigating tough situations. Thank you for always being available to assist. I genuinely appreciate your responsiveness and willingness to take the time to speak with me.

I have recommended your center in East Brunswick to at least a dozen other parents. If I am blessed to have another child in the future, you guys will be my only call. While I will absolutely post a google/yelp review, please let me know if there is anything additional I can do to recognize Susan and Krystal. While I thanked them both this morning at drop off, please relay my gratitude.

Susan and Krystal have both had an incredible impact on Lora. Please know how amazing they both are – the kids who walk through the door every morning are so lucky to have them.

Thank you guys for everything. 😊

See you for ‘drop in’ days!


(Lora's Mom)

Alex, East Brunswick, NJ - August 2020

A week ago my husband was greeting with an adorable card from the children and staff at CoA recognizing healthcare workers on the front lines. The card was filled with adorable little pieces of art work as well! I would like you to know that I took the card with me to work since my husband was unsure of a proper place to display it in the ICU at the hospital.

I hope you can tell the kids that their kind words and photos are hanging in the VCU LifeEVAC 3 base in West Point, Virginia. From myself and the entire crew here, we want to thank you for the kind gesture and to let you know that we appreciate you ALL as well!

I have attached a photo of our crew today as well as some additional staff members holding on to the cards and photos in front of our aircraft.

Hope you all have a wonderful week and I will see you around!

Jordan M. Glen Allen, VA - April 2020

There is a noticeable difference in my daughters mood and intelligence after starting daycare, she is always in a fantastic mood, interactive and stimulated when I pick her up! Her personality has blossomed since her first day and I can tell she and all the other children absolutely LOVE their teacher, Ms Rachel. I have never seen someone be more patient with a group of small children. She doesn’t seem to get overwhelmed and is just so sweet, gentle and caring with the babies. Whenever I check in with the camera app (which I only even do because I miss my daughter) Ms Rachel is always either rocking a baby or talking sweetly to them. I cannot speak highly enough of her! Even the teachers that don’t interact with my daughter for the whole day still remember her name and always say hi! I am very happy with my decision to send her to COA Lindenhurst! The facility director, Kristen, was extremely helpful with every step and answered all of my questions thoroughly and went above and beyond with help getting my daughter enrolled. They’re the perfect mix of attentive and laid back, which I love too."

Jessica G. Lindenhurst, IL - February 2020

My two children have attended Warminster since May of 2017 and what an overwhelming positive experience I have had with Kara and the staff at Warminster. I have had some challenging times with my son’s behavior so I am so thankful for all the guidance and support provided by Kara and her staff. The staff is amazing and my son even loves the bus driver Lou and is so intrigued about the musical instruments he plays for the children. Children of America Warminster has really added to the quality of our lives her and we are thankful to Kara and all the wonderful staff are there. I will be sure to continuously share our positive experience with families and friends. Thank you Kara and COA Warminster for your hard work helping children and families that makes a wonderful difference.

Heather H. Warminster, PA - January 2020


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