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Parent Testimonials

Today is my daughter's pre-k graduation day at COA. Bittersweet but so happy that she was surrounded by so many teachers that cared for her and love her the way they do. Thank you COA staff Especially Ms. Kavita, Ms. Leslie and Mr. Tim for preparing my daughter for kindergarten!!!! And Ms. Lori for always listening and helping me through the tough times of realizing we have kindergarteners! I hope the principal at her new school is as amazing as you! And Ms. Andrea for loving Victoria the way you do! You're all so special to us!!!

Maria Anna N. Jackson Heights, NY - June, 2018

I have trusted the teachers of COA Oswego since my daughter was a year old & she turns 3 tomorrow! I'm grateful for every teacher she has had because I know they put their heart out to take care of all the kids they have in their classroom. Ariana has learned so much since we've enrolled her in COA and I expect for her to keep learning as she moves up in class. Thank you all!

Niza A. Oswego, IL - May, 2018

Ms. Melissa and Ms. Lindsay are absolutely wonderful! My daughter started at 8 weeks, and I struggled a lot with it. They did everything they could to make me feel confident about leaving her every day. They have really become a part of our family, and it is incredibly obvious how much they love the babies they care for. My daughter adores them, and their classroom really is her home away from home! Management is always very considerate and thorough in communicating with my family as well. Keep up the great work!

Taylor M. Maineville, OH - April, 2018

Both my daughters (4 years old and 6 months old) attend Children of America, North Aurora. I am so thankful for the great care they receive each and every day. The staff is friendly, kind, and they truly care about my girls. I love seeing their development and how much fun they have! Thank you COA!

Stephanie C. North Aurora, IL - April, 2018

As new parents, we had no experience with daycares. It was difficult to choose a location. We wanted a place that would be safe, educational, and close to home. As we stepped foot in Children of America, we found what we were looking for and more! Our Son is being cared for by people that truly care about him and want to see him succeed in life. We love to hear daily about the things that he is experiencing and learning. We appreciate that the teachers are actually teaching and not just "watching" him. With that being said, the staff is great! As soon as you walk in you are greeted by friendly ladies, Ms. Marlene & Ms. Christina. if you ever have a question they do not hesitate to answer it. My son is currently in the toddler 2 and he loves Ms. Patty & Ms. Alyssa. Ms. Alyssa just started and I love her already. She is so energetic and happy every time I walk in or check the cameras. Ms. Patty is the friendliest woman I know. She takes care of the kids like they are her own. I don't say this often but I trust them both with my son. I know he's in good hands.

Devon V. Sewell, NJ - March, 2018

Our 2 year old twins and baby started at COA in August 2017. None of them had ever been cared for outside of the home and we (parents, not kids) were terrified. From day one, from each of their teachers to the rest of the staff, Ms. Lori greeting us at the door and everyone in between, we felt welcome and safe. Any question or concern we've had have been addressed with a smile and the girls could not be more thrilled to go to "school" each morning. We consider ourselves supremely lucky that this great place is in our neighborhood and recommend them with enthusiasm to everyone we know!

Gabby N. Jackson Heights, NY - March, 2018

We love Children of America! My son has been coming here since he was 9 months old, we LOVED the staff in the infant room (shout-out to Ms. Christy) and couldn't be happier with Ms. Diane in the toddler room. Her sweet and fun personality is very comforting and I know my son is in great hands. Thank you to all of the great staff!

Brittany D. Oswego, IL - February, 2018

Coming to Children America has been the best decision we have made. We came from a center where my son was not treated right and their actions were neglectful. I comprehended quitting my job to stay home with him to ensure his safety but I knew the importance of social connections and he seemed to blossom in an education setting. His first day, I was extremely nervous trusting anyone else. Was his teacher going to be nice to him? Were they going to give him the guidance he needed? Are they going to love him and take care of him? Ms. Sue and the rest of the COA team were exceptional. Connor adjusted well to his new surroundings and absolutely loved his new room. Ms. Sue treated him as if he was her own. He runs in quickly and needs to give "Ms. Sue" the biggest hug. He adores her. She is such a strong, compassionate and loving person, and we are grateful for her. He was struggling with speech and learned behaviors at the other center that were a bit aggressive and after one week with Ms. Sue, a huge change was made. That extra guidance, love and nurturing in a structured environment is what he was needing. COA makes going to work easy everyday knowing he is being taken care of. You guys are the best!

Melissa H.J. Warrington, PA - February, 2018

My 3.5 yo son has been at COA for a year now. He loves it at COA and so do I. He is eager to get to school every day to see his teachers, friends, and start learning and playing. The entire staff is so friendly. They communicate quite regularly with the parents to inform them of special events, days off, and especially inclement weather. I also use the tadpole app for updates, the teachers and directors do an amazing job with keeping updates flowing so I'm never left wondering. The tadpole app lists everything from a whole day schedule with what the kids accomplished to photos and videos of the kids having fun.

THANK YOU for being so good to my boy!

Veronika D. Southampton, PA - January, 2018

COA has been a WONDERFUL experience. The staff is pleasant, accommodating, and wonderful! All of the teachers and aides truly love all of the children. My daughter has been part of this "family" for the past year and has learned so much. I am so grateful that I enrolled my daughter here, she absolutely loves it.

Nadera A. Orland Park, IL - November, 2017

Best Daycare Ever!

We have had the best experience with Children of America!!! This is the first daycare where I have been able to drop my son off and go to work with a complete peace of mind! I never have to worry about his safety or happiness because the director Ms. Trish is always involved and genuinely cares about each and every child there. She is great about communicating changes to the parents. The teachers are wonderful and are excited about being there with the children. The environment is very colorful and fun to see with creative art made by children in the daycare. I did a lot of research on many daycares in the area and I am glad I chose COA as I am highly impressed with this facility. I would recommend it to anyone in search of a safe place for their children where learning is made fun and where the teachers and staff really care. My son actually gets upset when I pick him up too early! If that tells you anything...:) just one thing less for a busy mom to worry about! We love COA!

Octavia. Columbus, OH - October, 2017

I love this School. My daughter has been attending since they opened up in Bowie, MD. I have never felt so safe and comfortable leaving my child with strangers at first. The staff has become like a second family to us. My daughter has grown and developed so much and loves being able to go to school and learn. Mr. Dorwan, Mrs. Porche, and Mrs. Patrice have been the constants at COA. They have been with my daughter since day one and don't know what I would do if they ever leave. Definitely recommending Children of America to any new parent that needs a safe place for their child to learn and grow.

Shannon J. Bowie, MD - October, 2017

We just love Children of America New Berlin! Everyone there is so wonderful and affectionate with our children. The teachers are so involved with the children with art projects, games, and playtime outside. My children are in excellent hands and receive the best of care here. I never have to worry.

Amanda H. New Berlin, WI - September, 2017

I absolutely LOVE Children of America! They are one of the best preschools in the area. They really focus on teaching and helping your child grow! I love how every activity is a learning experience suitable for your child's age and they get to have fun while doing it. My son has learned a lot since he started and he can't wait to tell me all about his day! The staff and management are amazing and I appreciate them everyday for all that they do!

Jovia T. Glen Allen, VA - September, 2017

This is the first place that I have felt completely secure about sending my children to my son and daughter have no issues they don't even cry or make a peep when I kiss them goodbye till later!

Thank you very much taking such wonderful care of my little ones while I'm at work.

Taylor C. Bealeton, VA - August, 2017

Great preschool option for Toddlers! My 2 year old daughter attends and has been for a couple of months! This is her first time in daycare and she has learned a lot of new things and has adjusted a lot better than I would have imagined!

Alexis D. New Berlin, WI - August, 2017

I've been very please this far with my son and daughters infant toddler teachers. Management is understanding and Ms. Ashley is always receptive to your child's needs and parent concerns.

My daughter has learned a great deal since being a student and that's thanks to Shelby and Teia!

Kay L. Bealeton, VA - July, 2017

The best daycare learning center ever!

For 6 months of working here I learned to love all the staffs and teachers especially the good management of our director Ms. Juana, assistant director Ms. Lori and Ms.Valeri. They are very considerate with their employees and I will never forget their motherly style in guiding their teachers on performing their duties in teaching and providing the needs of the students. My two children goes here and I see their progress in so many aspects of the curriculum. To all the parents, please consider this place for your children. In this daycare center, you will not going to worry because you will always have an access to see what your child is doing through live camera installed in every classroom. Also, an everyday detailed report that tells what your child ate in a specific time, naps, potty/diaper time and their everyday learning activities will be reported to you with their beautiful pictures will be sent through your email.

I am leaving for a military duty but I will definitely go back here once I am done with the military. The best daycare and people with a heart I ever met in my life.

Mikaela R. Jackson Heights, NY - July, 2017

I just want to say how much I enjoy seeing the photos on the Tadpole app! It just makes my day to see snapshots of what my kids did that day! I wish I could comment on every single picture. Keep them coming, and thank you for taking such good care of all the kids, teaching them new things, and keeping them entertained. I really appreciate everyone and everything about Children of America and I'm so grateful my kids go there!


Linda R. Oak Creek, WI - June, 2017

Great Afternoon,

It was a pleasure to visit COA of Waldorf with my wife and son this morning, as a principal of an Elementary School, I can tell you that I was very impressed by the attention to detail taken at COA, particularly around the educational component of the care being provided. On a personal note, I am very big on customer service and today felt welcome upon entry and received an overall warm friendly feeling that is conducive to a learning environment.

Wishing you a "Great By Choice" day!

Drew D. Waldorf, MD - June, 2017

To whom it May Concern,

My children have gone to COA Warrington since August of 2014. At first it was only my son, Ethan, who was 3 at the time, and a about 7months his sister, Bethany, who was just under a year at the time, joined him.

I am writing to commend the staff at the center and to specifically address a few of the teachers. I am going through a very acrimonious divorce/custody situation with my ex. Laura has taken time to address any concerns I have had, and has even reached out to me proactively to make sure she has the most current information and documentation in order to safeguard my children.

When I have had questions Liz hadn’t encountered before, she looked into it further to make certain she was providing me the correct and full answers. Their support and understanding has helped make a very nerve wracking time easier and I appreciate all of their effort.

Today something happened that was a true testament to the quality and awesomeness of the COA teachers. My daughter is moving into the classroom her brother had started in almost 4 years ago, Miss. Sue’s room. Her brother asked if he could come with me to drop her off at school today because he was so excited she was going to have Miss. Sue. On the drive to school he spoke fondly of Miss. Sue and told his little sister of all the fun she was going to have. When we got to school he realized that Bethany was going to get to be in Miss. Jenny’s room when I first drop her off. He then excitedly told Bethany about how great Miss. Jenny was and how much fun she was going to have in that room as well.

As a parent it was heartwarming and amazing to see how much love my son has for his teachers from a few years ago. It is reassuring to know that he wholehearted believes his sister is going to a wonderful and fun place, having experienced those rooms himself.

I also have to give a shout out to Miss. Kristi in the PS1. Bethany ADORES Miss. Kristi and will not go to her new room without first getting a hug from Miss. Kristi. She has learned so much and has received wonderful guidance and support from Miss. Kristi. Miss. Kristi has helped me through some of Bethany’s more difficult times with toilet training and drop off anxiety, as well as the terrible 2 and “threenager� stages.

This morning listening to my kids discuss their teachers and classrooms (because Bethany was very vocal about why she loves Miss Kristi so much) reminded me of how lucky we are and how truly special COA Warrington is to our family.

Thank you for your time,

Sharon H. Warrington, PA - June, 2017

Our daughter Gabriella attends Children of America. Our motto is teamwork makes the dream work. We all put in effort to make sure our days run as smoothly as possible, whether is getting ready for school or just preparing a family meal. We are a loving family. We love spending time with one another, doing family movie nights, attending family outings or just hanging around the house.

When we were searching for a daycare to for Gabriella, our first expectation was complete safety. unfortunately, she has had to go through trial and error within the daycare system. We were extremely happy to find Children of America. Gabriella has been here since January of this year. We love the healthy menu options, daily structured play/learning, cameras for parents to peep in on the kids while at work and the extremely accommodating, loving and caring staff.

Bryan M. Menomonee Falls, WI - May, 2017

Great experience!!! Well diverse and CARING teachers and aides. I'm happy that lunches are included and they serve well balanced healthy snacks.

My son is having a wonderful experience getting all the extra sensory learning and social skills with toddlers. A wonder enclosed safe play yard, that allows your child to explore and learn. Great time to refine those motor skills.

Every day, I get a report and pictures emailed to be, along with video surveillance ANYTIME I want to check in on my son. Who needs a nana cam- anymore?

Staff is great (special needs a plus) and the building was very clean. (Especially for a place with tons of infants and toddlers)

Diamond D. East Brunswick, NJ - May, 2017

I obviously can't make more than one review, but I just wanted to take the time to say how much I appreciate all of the staff at COA. I've had nothing but good experiences dealing with Wyatt's teachers. I'm so glad that they feel comfortable enough with me to be upfront and honest about Wyatt's development and behavior, (and they allow me to pester and ask questions). I cannot stress enough how important COA has been to my little family on so many levels. I can't wait for the day when I can show my appreciation to you all, you all may work at COA, but I consider you all friends and part of my family. Just ask Wyatt, he asks for you at home! lol.

Tia K. Deacon Road, VA - April , 2017

Love this daycare..the teachers are great...they really help with potty training. Their curriculum is always age appropriate and encourages the children to be independent..deffinetly would recommend

Maurcielle O. Orland Park, IL - March , 2017

We are new to COA and I have been incredibly impressed so far! The directors, Robin & Chris are simply wonderful and genuinely friendly. We were greeted with a warm welcome when we first arrived. Chris gave me our tour and she was sweet, knowledgeable, and helpful. It was nice to hear Chris greeting other parents & children by name during the tour. That in itself speaks volumes of what kind of center this is. From what I've experienced thus far, I am very pleased with the staff & center. We are confident and comfortable sending our daughter here. Come and experience it yourself.

Amber S. Menomonee Falls, WI - March , 2017

My daughter has been attending COA for a year. This school has been amazing. It is a great feeling as a parent to know you have a child who gets excited to go to school, and then talks about what she did when we go home. COA Stafford has been great to work with. They care about the children who attend. I highly recommend COA Stafford for anyone looking for care for their children!

Heather C. Stafford, VA- February, 2017

We have entrusted our children at COA for the past 4 1/2 years. From the first time I stepped through the door I knew that was the place for my kids. As parents it's hard to put our trust in others to care for our kids. But COA made that so easy for our family. The entire staff is amazing. They truly love every child there and provide outstanding care. My kids have learned so much from the programs they provide and the dedication the staff puts into teaching them. Our kids run in their classes each day to give their teachers hugs. They are more than just a child care center, they have become extended family. You guys are fantastic!

Shelley T. Oak Creek WI- February, 2017

Children of America Glen Allen is a great education center. My son has been attending since he was 4 months old. He has learned lots of social skills since attending My son loves his teachers and all the daily learning activities they do day to day. Me and his father love to watch him interact and play with the other kids. This is a great place for childcare and this location is very convenient.

Tivona W. Glen Allen, VA- January, 2017

My son has been going to this daycare since he was a newborn and he loves it! He's always having fun and learning. He is very well cared for!

Greg C. Columbus, OH- January, 2017

They take such wonderful care of my daughter and truly have a passion for what they do. As a new mom, the teachers in infant A helped ease my mind and were always there to give advice when I needed it. They even checked in on me knowing I wasn't having an easy time going back to work. Every class she has transitioned to since bring more wonderful teachers who always keep on top of her development and communicate with my husband and I each step of the way. I look forward to the daily reports that are emailed with pictures and videos and love that there are monitors available so I can check in through out the day. I highly recommend them!!!

Kelly J. Orland Park, IL- January, 2017

Our two-year-old “runs” to his classroom because he's so excited to start the day with his awesome teacher and all of their support staff. Our family is so happy to be a part of the COA family. Each day he experiences a range of activities, takes a solid nap, and we receive a detailed report from his school. The staff is caring and professional.

Alyssa D. Doylestown, PA- January, 2017


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