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Toddler Childcare

For this group life is on demand! These tiny, curious creatures need the adults who interact with them to be supportive, available and able to validate all bodily care routines and needs. They demand adults who support active exploration. They require adults who empower them and guide them through each discovery.

And that's what the adults at COA give them. Because our curriculum is child-centered, we are adept at meeting the needs of our youngest. Only when children feel safe and secure and have a structured routine can true learning occur. By understanding and valuing individual interests, our teachers support active learning throughout the day.

Our classrooms facilitate learning by:
• Welcoming and recognizing each child as unique.
• Providing separate care and play areas.
• Providing enough materials for all children.
• Providing space and materials that promote movement.
• Encouraging different types of play.
• Allowing children to see their caregivers and easily move through all areas of the classroom.
• Being flexible so children can extend their play by bringing materials from one area to another.
• Including materials that reflect the diversity of the families we serve.