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A Different Kind Of Childcare

"The COA Experience"

We recognize the importance of being accountable, which is reflected in our dedication, proprietary programming and ability to prepare young children for higher learning. Creating positive, engaged and confident children with the ability to understand, articulate and self-manage is the benefit parents have come to rely on when enrolling with COA.

Our curriculum works in the framework of a structured environment; yet within that structure children make choices and teachers support the learning created by those choices. This structure allows children to develop a sense of security and examination, while experimenting with ideas. With the guidance of caring teachers, our children cultivate positive decision making, triggering critical thought. This educational structure turns the journey of discovery into a lifelong love of learning and academic success.

Children of America recognizes that partnering with families is critical to the development of every child. Balancing work-life and family-life can be challenging. That's why we offer families resources and activities designed to support their busy lifestyle and continue child focused learning at home. Our Apple-A-Day blog offers quick and nutritious menus, and our interactive "Bentley" program expands the learning environment from classroom to home for advanced learning adventures. Bringing value to children and families is integral to our foundation. We pride ourselves on innovative programming and services that support and empower the families and children we serve. That's what we call "The COA Experience."


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