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Two Weeks Notice

Fill out the online form to notify your school about your intention to leave.

Attention Summer/ Temporary Withdrawals

The only way to guarantee your spot and rate is with continuous enrollment. With the recent increase in demand for childcare and the overall challenge the industry faces in hiring qualified staff to meet this unprecedented demand, withdrawing (even temporarily) means we cannot guarantee a spot will be available upon your return. If you believe you will need care in the next 6 months please be aware of this important notice – continuous enrollment is the only way to guarantee your child’s(ren) spot. Planning our staffing patterns requires consistent and predictable enrollment. We encourage you to speak to your school management about options available to remain currently enrolled.

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In order for your formal notice of withdrawal to be valid, it must be submitted ten (10) business days in advance of your child’s last day of attendance. Notice given that is less than ten (10) business days is subject to the pro rata of your current tuition plus the remainder of your notice obligation. Standard credits, such as vacation credits, may not be used to fulfill your notice obligation. This notice, through electronic means, will be communicated to your school’s management team, home office customer care team(s) and other pertinent COA representatives. Notices marked "Confidential" will have the reason for leaving and the comments reasonably withheld from the school, however, home office customer care team members will be made aware of the full transcript. COA Representatives reserve the right to contact you about your experience. Failure to pay your balance in full when withdrawing may result in the account being sent to collections.

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